Best Pilot School USA

Earning your wings is rewarding, and Paragon Flight, the best pilot school in the southeastern USA, is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

About Us

Paragon Flight is an FAA-approved FAR Part 141 flight training center located in beautiful Fort Myers. Founded in 2006, we are known as the premier flight school in Southwest Florida because we provide excellent instructors, the most advanced aircraft available, and the best training systems in the world.

Best Pilot School USAOur students train in the extremely reliable single-engine Cessna Skyhawk 172, the world’s greatest aircraft. It makes learning to fly easier primarily because it has lower takeoff and landing speeds and is very forgiving. Other single-engine training aircraft include the Cessna Stationair 206 (the bigger brother to the 126).

Paragon Flight is also proud to be the premier authorized Cirrus Training Center (CTC) in Southwest Florida. Cirrus Aircraft are known around the world for their high quality standards, impeccable safety record, and dedication to giving an amazing customer service experience.

Whether you choose sport pilot, private pilot, or commercial pilot training, you can earn your wings about 30% faster at Paragon. We can train you faster because we are FAA-certified and have partnered with Jeppesen, a giant in the flight training industry. to provide you with access to an unparalleled combination of aviation training expertise, ease-of-use, convenience and economy.

If you are looking for flight training for international students, look no further than Paragon Flight. No matter where you are visiting us from, all of our basic pilot training courses are designed for Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA). By training in TAA you are ensuring you are getting the most advanced flight training available.

Why Choose a Flight School in Florida?

Florida flight schools provide you with some excellent advantages and special opportunities that flight schools in other regions can’t compete with.

Great Flying Weather

The biggest of those advantages is our spectacular weather. You can fly as often as 350 days of every year in Fort Myers. and more time in the sky will help you finish your training faster.

Beautiful Scenery

Not only is the weather ideal, but Fort Myers is perfectly situated for enjoying recreational flights throughout Florida and the Gulf Coast. You’ll have easy access to miles and miles of scenic coastline, tourist destinations such as Disney World and Everglades National Park, and small, scenic Caribbean islands.

Training Diversity

Paragon Flight operates from Page Field (FMY) airport, the premier general aviation airport of Southwest Florida. Fort Myers is also home to Southwest Florida International (RSW), which is one of the busiest single-runway airports in the country. This proximity to local airports and practice fields with control towers and published precision approaches will prepare you for flying in a wide variety of conditions, something that is difficult to match elsewhere in the nation. 

If learning to fly is on your bucket list, it’s crucial to select one of the best pilot schools in the USA like Paragon Flight. Whether you’re looking for a fast-paced two-week program or a two-month program that better fits your schedule, we provide the best flight training available anywhere in the country. Get in touch with us today at (239) 274-3170 for a free private consultation to discuss your specific needs and goals.