Best Pilot School

Eager to pursue your dream of learning to fly? Take advantage of the best flight training at Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, Florida. We have the aircraft, the facilities and the training expertise to help.

Earning a private pilot license can open up a world of opportunities, from sightseeing and vacationing with family and friends, to aerobatics, to becoming a commercial airline pilot or a certified flight instructor.  We also encourage you to take advantage of our more advanced training programs to add instrument, multi-engine or commercial ratings.

Best Pilot School

Paragon Flight is an FAA-approved FAR Part 141 flight training center. Founded in 2006, we have been recognized by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) as one of the top flight schools in the nation and have been selected over multiple years for their Flight Training Excellence Awards.

We offer fully customized training for first-time pilots, for pilots who want to enhance their skills with an instrument rating or multi-engine rating, as well as programs for those who want to become commercial pilots, air transport pilots, and certified flight instructors(CFI, CFII, MEI).

We have partnered with Jeppesen, a giant in the flight training industry, to help you earn your wings 30% faster than other flight schools. Jeppesen created the world’s finest pilot training manuals and software, and we are among the select schools authorized to use their materials.

Paragon students have the option of following our Part 141-approved curriculum for primary, instrument, and commercial pilot training, or a customized and more flexible FAR Part 61 training program.

We also offer a variety of advanced training courses that meet the needs of our clients while utilizing the most advanced training techniques and equipment in the industry. Our advanced pilot training programs include:

  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI, CFII, MEI)
  • Air Transport Pilot (ATP)
  • High Performance Aircraft Endorsement
  • Complex Aircraft Endorsement
  • Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) Transition – Cirrus, Cessna, and Diamond Aircraft

The First Step: Schedule a Discovery Flight

If you want to see if flying is right for you or are ready to take your very first lesson, our Discovery Flight is the best way to get a taste of what it is like to be an actual pilot. This “mini lesson” will give you hands-on flight experience that you can count towards your license.

During the discovery flight, you and one of our FAA-Approved Flight Instructors will spend about an hour together. You will learn about the aircraft, instruments, navigation systems, and safety.  After that, you will become the pilot and take the controls to experience the amazing freedom of flight. If you decide to pursue more training, the short time you spend in the air will count toward your license.

Paragon Flight is one of the best pilot schools in Florida and the nation. Whether you live in Florida or are an international student, contact us at (239) 274-3170 to explore our exceptional flight training programs or to schedule a Discovery Flight. We love to get new pilots in the air!