Best Pilot Training School for International Students

The best pilot training school for international students is the same as for US-based student-pilots: Paragon Flight. The difference for student-pilots from other countries lies with the application process, and we’re familiar with the requirements and happy to help prospective pilots negotiate the process.

Best Pilot Training School for International StudentsParagon Flight is a Part 61 and Part 141 approved flight school operating out of Page Field in Fort Myers, Florida. Repeatedly honored by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), Paragon Flight maintains high standards regarding every element of flight instruction and continually provides satisfying and appropriate outcomes. All of our students, regardless of origin, enjoy fun and comprehensive flight training.

We offer several programs of training at Paragon Flight including all of the following:

  • Private pilot certificate
  • Commercial pilot certificate
  • Instrument pilot rating
  • Multi-engine rating
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/CFII/MEI)

Being a FAR Part 141-approved flight school, Paragon Flight is able to welcome international students into our program. This status is prescribed by the Department of Homeland Security. We’re able to provide an I-20 Form, which you’ll find necessary to complete the application for approval of your student visa (M-1). If you choose to change flight schools, each transfer will require a new I-20 Form. We can walk you through all of the forms and provide online access.

The M-1 student visa will allow you to enter the US for flight school attendance. Nothing less will do. A tourist or business visa will not allow admittance into ours or any other flight program. Fortunately, we’re familiar with the process and happy to help.

If you live in the US as a permanent non-citizen resident, you can avoid having to apply for a student visa. Instead, you’ll simply need to provide documentation that verifies TSA authorization to begin flight school instruction. Other foreign students who can avoid the student visa requirement are those who are already certified pilots and simply need to complete regularly required training or those who wish to rent aircraft for use while visiting the US.

Our international student-pilots often ask if they can work while attending flight school in the US to help pay for accommodations, meals, etc. This issue is one that we have no control over. The United States government doesn’t allow foreign citizens attending school on an M-1 visa to work, so all students who travel from overseas must demonstrate the financial wherewithal to support themselves throughout their stay. The area around Fort Myers has a wide range of accommodations, so you can stay as luxuriously or cheaply as you choose.

You should choose Paragon Flight because we’re dedicated to your success. We offer superior Certified Flight Instructors, a Technically Advanced fleet of aircraft, and a computer-based curriculum that allows for a speedier completion of the program. Our location allows for faster completion as well since you’ll have clear skies most days of the year. If your ultimate goal is to be a good pilot, come here to see that goal accomplished in a safe and fun fashion.

Paragon Flight is, by far, the best pilot training school for international students. We’re dedicated to the success of our pilots, and we take all steps necessary to help them complete the required paperwork and the program. Start your journey into flight training by calling (239) 274-3170.