Best Places For Flight Training

When your dreams and ambitions lead you to the sky, choose the best places for flight training. The ideal place for you to learn such a skill needs to be safe, fun, and committed. Paragon Flight is well known for providing comprehensive and efficient training to produce private and commercial pilots.

Our track record of success and satisfaction is fairly impressive. We’ve long been considered one of the best flight schools in the country, and our many honors from the AOPA establish this fact. Pilot candidates at any stage in their aviation journey can come to us for sufficient training. We create individual programs for every pilot, allowing the established family person to chase their dreams as well as the college-aged student. The aircraft and flight instructors providing your training will make sure that you learn in a safe environment and learn to operate in a safe manner.

The Ideal Place for Flight Training

Best Places For Flight TrainingFort Myers is a great place to learn how to fly! Not only is Page Field in Fort Myers our home, but it is also the hub of general aviation in Southwest Florida. We have an ample supply of flight instructor applicants and choose the best among the best in the world to train our student-pilots.

Additionally, the location is in prime position regarding the weather experienced here. A huge part of flight training is actual flight, and the weather needs to participate for this portion of the experience. Fortunately, here in Southwest Florida, the weather is sunny and clear almost every day of the year. Whether you’re on a strict timetable during your yearly vacation or logging the 1,500 flight hours required to become an airline pilot, being able to log flight hours on your own timetable is quite beneficial.

If you have an interest in flight but would like to dip your toe before diving in, or if you’d like to provide a gift for an aviation enthusiast, consider the benefits of a discovery flight. This adventure is an hour long lesson with a Certified Flight Instructor and will even count toward a program if you decide to go ahead with the pursuit of a pilot license.

The aircraft fleet at Paragon Flight is quite impressive. It’s full of new, dependable, and well kept aircraft – all of them designated as Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) and the industry standards for the various programs of training we offer. With Glass Cockpit Technology and advanced avionics, you can be confident in the ability to take the skills you learn in our planes and translate them into your future advocations.

The fleet houses:

  • Piper PA28 “Pilot”
  • Cessna C172S Skyhawk
  • Piper PA-44-180 Seminole
  • Cessna T182T Skylane
  • Cirrus SR20 G6
  • Cirrus SR22 G5/G6
  • ALSIM AL172 Flight Simulator

The mission of Paragon Flight is to pass on the passion of aviation with the safety and comprehensive training needed to produce great pilots at all levels of the endeavor. Come to us with a dream and leave with a skill.

Fort Myers, Florida, where Paragon Flight operates, is one of the best places in the world for flight training. From the weather to the facilities, curriculum, instructors, and equipment, we offer a superior avenue for flight training approved under FAA FAR Parts 61 and 141 for individualized programs for all pilot hopefuls. Ready yourself for the cockpit with your own course; start today by calling (239) 747-0056 or clicking here.