Best Private Pilot School in USA

Make this year the year your dream comes true by scheduling a course with the best private pilot school in the USA: Paragon Flight.

We provide the type of training that you’ll need to learn to safely command an aircraft, providing every aspect needed for success.

Best Private Pilot School in USAThe FAA approves flight training in the United States under Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Parts 61 and 141. This dual authorization enables us to meet the needs of the driven, career-oriented student pilot as well as the settled, hobby-motivated student-pilot. Part 61 permits flexibility where Part 141 allows none.

When you’re choosing a flight training institution, consider the numerous awards received by Paragon Flight over the years. The AOPA, or Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, honors us year after year for the excellence of the flight training we provide, and we strive to continue in the achievement by holding to the standards that made us worthy in the first place. Results come from our process.

The best practices we follow require the very best Certified Flight Instructors, aircraft, and curriculum designed for success. Whether you want to become a pilot or commercial pilot, earn your instrument rating, or master a multi-engine aircraft, come to Paragon Flight.

The Certified Flight Instructors Found at Paragon Flight

Successful, experienced pilots come to Florida for the great flying weather and the beautiful view from the sky. The large population of pilots allows us to identify the best and hire them. Your training will be with a pilot whom you can trust, and we make every effort to match Certified Flight Instructor to student-pilot considering goals, personality, learning style, etc.

The Curriculum Used by Paragon Flight

At Paragon Flight, we use the Jeppesen curriculum. This software and training manual based curriculum is proven to produce well-turned out pilots 30% faster than the national average. The way that material is presented often has a significant effect on learning, and our curriculum is no different.

The Aircraft Flown at Paragon Flight

Student-pilots fly the safest, most reliable aircraft when learning to fly at Paragon Flight. We provide the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, the PA-44 Piper Seminole, and the ALSIM AL172 Flight Simulator for our students to perfect their skills. All of these aircraft have the newest avionic equipment to ensure that our students learn how to use instruments that are parallel to what they’ll see once they become licensed pilots.

The Best Location for Learning to Fly

Paragon Flight calls Page Field in Fort Myers home. Page Field is a tower controlled airport with an almost 5,000-foot runway that’s perfect for flight training since it doesn’t see commercial traffic.

In Southwest Florida, the weather promotes flight training as well. The weather is clear and perfect for take-off at least 350 days per year, and the view from the sky is nothing less than breath-taking.

Finally, our location provides easy access to accommodations of all sorts. Whether you’re on a tuna or caviar budget, enjoy your stay in a comfortable and close space.

If you’re ready to learn to fly in a fun, gorgeous environment, contact the best private pilot school in the USA. Paragon Flight will customize your specific training program, beginning where you are and progressing onward. To explore the world of aviation, call us at (239) 274-3170. A Discovery Flight may be the perfect place to start. Why not schedule one today?