Cessna Flight Training Near Me

When ambition calls you to trade your office for the cockpit and you’re on the hunt for Cessna flight training “near me,” consider Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, Florida. Whether you have a short drive or need to cross the sea, the experience we provide makes the trip worth it.

Cessna Flight Training Near MeOur programs will guide you toward your aviation goals, whether they be to earn your private pilot’s license, commercial pilot certification, instrument flight rating, multi-engine rating, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/II/MEI), or Airline Transport Pilot certification. Our team is thoroughly professional and experienced. The aircraft fleet includes all of the standard equipment that quality instructors prefer, including the Cessna C172S, the most frequently chosen aircraft for single-engine training.

Perhaps the biggest draw to Paragon Flight is one we actually have no control over, and that’s the weather! Pilots have perfect flight conditions and magnificent views all year long, drawing them to the area. Not only do we offer student-pilots the perfect environment for learning, where they can log flight hours at all times of day or night, but we also have our pick of flight instructors from among the best pool of applicants in the world.

Paragon Flight is a multi-honored flight institution. Our reputation is stellar, and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has recognized our excellence in training and instructor quality over multiple years.

Page Field (FMY) airport in Fort Myers is the hub of general aviation in Southwest Florida and the home of Page Field. Fort Myers also hosts the Southwest Florida International Airport. Our pilots have plenty of opportunities to log the flight hours needed to reach the requirements for various certifications.

Private vs. Commercial Flight Training

The starting point of all flight training is the private pilot license, but where do your ambitions lead you from there? Do you plan to fly as a hobby, simply enjoying the convenience and thrill of the sky, or do you desire to make a living as a provider of flight services? For the latter, you’ll need to earn a Commercial Pilot Certification.

The great thing about Paragon Flight is that we can fulfill all of the requirements you’ll need with a fleet that is comprehensively appropriate for each of the credential programs we provide. The fleet includes the Cessna C172S Skyhawk as well as the Piper PA28 “Pilot,” Piper PA-44-180 Seminole, Cessna T182T Skylane, Cirrus SR20 G6, Cirrus SR22 G5/G6, and ALSIM AL172 Flight Simulator.

FAA Approvals under FAR Parts 61 and 141

The FAA authorizes the operations of Paragon Flight under Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Parts 61 and 141, providing the best of all worlds to our students. We can offer flexibility for those with tight schedules and an independent study capacity, and we can provide the highly structured environment of a Part 141 program as well.

Part 141 programs are essential for student-pilots from other countries, those using GI benefits, and students with financial aid packages.

Develop the skills you need for operating an aircraft safely by choosing Cessna flight training “near me.” The best you’ll find in the US is Paragon Flight. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with our Head Flight Instructor to tour our facilities, discuss our process, and design your own custom aviation education program. Do so today by calling (239) 274-3170 or following this link to contact us online.