Cessna Training Course

Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, Florida is home to a full range of flight training, including a premiere Cessna training course. We offer perfection in every element of flight instruction – from curriculum to flight instructors, aircraft, and more. 

Prime Positioning of Fort Myers

Cessna Training CourseThe home base of Paragon Flight is Page Field, the center of air travel in Southwest Florida. The area offers plenty of space for practical experience, including a tower-controlled runway and several different airfields. From the sky, the sights are magnificent – including coastal scenery, natural ecological wonders, and various theme parks.

The weather in Fort Myers and the surrounding area is ideal for flight instruction and the accumulation of flight hours. Over 350 days of the year are perfect for takeoff and landing, so pilots in the area have no obstacles to flight.

A side benefit to these conditions comes from the pilots who flock to the area to pursue their passion for flight frequently. A wealth of Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) with diverse experiences and backgrounds results, and we take advantage by hiring the best among them. Paragon Flight’s staff of  Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) offer a match for your goals, learning styles, and personalities. 

Dual FAR Authorizations of Paragon Flight

Paragon Flight, authorized by the FAA under Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Parts 61 and 141, offers a variety of programs that other flight training operations can’t. We provide both full-time, structured programs as well as flexible, one-on-one courses. Courses offered vary, based upon goals, availability, etc.

The dual authorization allows Paragon Flight to welcome international students with an M-1 Visa, veterans using GI benefits, and students seeking traditional student loans as well as adults with limited availability due to family and/or career obligations.

Flight Training for Cessna Pilots

The Cessna C172S provides the ultimate safety, predictability, and control for single-engine flight. During takeoff and landing, this aircraft welcomes reduced speeds for easier skill acquisition. If you choose Paragon Flight for training, you’ll do so in a well-kept aircraft, equipped with advanced avionics via Glass Cockpit Technology. 

Highlights of the Cessna C172S Skyhawk:

  • Maximum Cruise – 124 ktas
  • Useful Load Capacity – 878 lbs.
  • Takeoff Ground Roll – 960 ft. 
  • Fuel Capacity – 53 US gallons

All of our fleet is Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) and consists of all the models needed for the programs that we offer. 

  • Piper PA28 “Pilot”
  • Cessna C172S Skyhawk
  • Piper PA-44-180 Seminole
  • Cessna T182T Skylane
  • Cirrus SR20 G6
  • Cirrus SR22 G5/G6
  • ALSIM AL172 Flight Simulator

The Jeppesen curriculum, developed by a subsidiary of Boeing and used by a select group of training institutions, produces ready pilots 30% faster than the national average. Paragon Flight is proud to be one of the schools chosen to use this curriculum.

Award-Winning Flight Training

Paragon Flight’s efforts are widely recognized as being the best in the region, and one of the best in the entire country. In fact, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, or AOPA, has honored us repeatedly for the quality of our flight training and instructors. We strive to earn these honors day after day. 

Whether you’re interested in becoming a private pilot and plane owner or working as a commercial aviator, Paragon Flight offers a top-notch Cessna Training Course and more. Explore our full range of training possibilities by following this link or calling (239) 274-3170.