Commercial Airline Pilot Training Programs

Paragon Flight offers custom and accelerated commercial airline pilot training programs for professionally motivated parties. The source that you choose for training matters a great deal and will have an impact on the degree of success that you experience in your career. At Paragon Flight, you’ll find a well-equipped school, ready to help in your journey toward an airliner cockpit.

Commercial Airline Pilot Training ProgramsThe aviation training programs at Paragon Flight are custom-designed for the student pilot as an individual. We provide individualized instruction as well as established courses with set curricula and schedules. What doesn’t change is the licenses required. As you reach for an airline job, you’ll need to progress through the following credential stages:

  • Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • Instrument Flight Rating (IFR)
  • Commercial Pilot License, Single Engine (CSEL)
  • Commercial Pilot License, Multi-Engine (CMEL)
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) – optional

Following these credentials, you’ll need to earn an Airline Transport Pilot Certification (ATP) and a minimum of 1,500 logged flight hours before applying with an airline. As an airline pilot, you’ll never stop learning. Each new aircraft will require new training, and you’ll need to renew your certifications periodically.

Pilot candidates can pursue these licenses and supplements when they have time available through a Part 61 created course, or they can choose to participate in the P3 Professional Pilot Program. The P3 Program allows students to work their way up the ladder of these credentials in 38 weeks.

When you pursue a one-on-one course of training, you’ll have as much training time as you need. Our goal isn’t to rush you into thinking you’re ready. The goal is to produce competent and confident pilots who return to us for all future training.

Steps to Enrollment

As you consider attending flight training with Paragon Flight, reach out to our team to set up a consultation. We prefer having an opportunity to meet with our prospective students to consider goals, circumstances, and skills. With this information, we’ll create a custom course of training for you to complete your aviation training journey as expediently as possible.

Along with your course of study, we’ll present you with a course outline, schedule, and budget. The detailed budget will be such that you’ll know where all of your money will be spent.

Financing doesn’t have to stand in the way of your aviation dreams. We can provide valuable assistance as you search for appropriate financing. We’re familiar with the available resources as well as the processes for applying and securing the necessary funds. If you need avenues for personal lending, we have contacts for a few providers former students have borrowed from successfully.

At this point, expect us to provide a Student Ambassador. Throughout onboarding and beyond, this person will serve as a source of support as you work toward your goals. Paragon Flight will provide all the support you need to find success as a pilot.

Click here to learn more about the commercial airline pilot training programs you can find here at Paragon Flight. You can also contact us directly at the location of interest:

  • Paragon Flight at Page Field (FMY) in Fort Myers, FL – (239) 747-0056
  • Paragon Flight at Punta Gorda Airport (PGD) in Punta Gorda, FL – (941) 900-3131
  • Paragon Flight at LaGrange-Callaway Airport (LGC) in LaGrange, GA – (706) 903-9337.