Commercial Flight Schools Fort Myers

Like any student who wants to be a teacher, engineer, doctor, or lawyer, you will need education and training when pursuing a career as a pilot, and Paragon Flight stands out from other commercial flight schools in Fort Myers.

To earn a Commercial Pilot License, you’ll have to complete several steps in an arduous process, and your choice of flight school can make all the difference in the success of your future career. Located in Fort Myers, FL, Paragon Flight is recognized as one of the best flight schools in the country and can set your career off on the right foot.

Commercial Flight Schools Fort MyersConsidering a few factors about the available schools will help you determine whether Paragon Flight is the right school for your plans, schedule, and budget. Pair your plans to a school that will help you reach your goals quickly, safely, and thoroughly.

What Are Your Pilot Goals?

Your plans may include flying a Single-Engine or Multi-Engine aircraft. Your dream gig might range from towing banners to crop dusting or even flying for an airline. Regardless of your exact plans, Paragon Flight can prepare you for them all. Pursue a CSEL, CMEL, or both right here. We also make it easy to add on instrument rating endorsements to boost your employment opportunities.

Is the Flight School in an Ideal Location?

Since being able to log flight hours is an integral part of earning your Commercial Pilot license, the location of the flight school is key. The weather should be conducive to year-round flying, and access to airports should not be an issue. Paragon Flight is located in sunny Florida where ideal flying weather rules more than 350 days out of the year. We also have privileges at multiple airports in the Fort Myers area. Getting in your flight hours won’t be an issue here!

What’s the Reputation According to Former Students of the School?

The most accurate source for useful information about a flight school will be former students of the school. In the modern age, online reviews can be quite helpful in this regard. As useful as online reviews are, make sure to read them carefully. You can also check message boards and ask the flight school for references.

What Type of FAA-Approved Program Does the School Offer?

Flight schools are generally either Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 141 or Part 61 approved.  Part 141 schools are far more structured, with a set syllabus and class structure than the programs that are Part 61 approved. Paragon Flight offers both options, depending on the student’s previous experience and availability. Some of our students even employ both programs in order to achieve their goals faster.

How Long Will It Take to Get My License?

Earning a Commercial Pilot License requires holding a current Private Pilot License, completing ground training, and logging flight hours. Paragon Flight provides each student with a personalized plan that works with the standard guidelines and combines your plans, experience, and timeline to make the process as efficient and affordable as possible without sacrificing the elements needed to prepare you for your pursuits.

As you evaluate the commercial flight schools around Fort Myers, consider all the ways that Paragon Flight stands out as the premiere option. Call (239) 274-3170 to schedule a consultation with our Chief Flight Instructor to work out the best path forward for you to begin earning your way as a pilot.