Commercial Flight Training Schools

Whether you want to fly the friendly skies as an airline pilot, a crop duster, or even a tour flight pilot, becoming a commercial pilot will require that you choose the best among the available flight training schools. Consider Paragon Flight. Your current pilot experience, goals, and schedule will factor into the program requirements.

Commercial Flight Training SchoolsParagon Flight can accommodate students seeking either their Commercial Single Engine License (CSEL) and Commercial Multi-Engine License (CMEL). We are an FAA-approved (FAR) Part 141 and Part 61 flight school. These approvals mean that we can offer a structured, syllabus -based classroom-approach flight training program as well as a more individualized, student-paced program.

Modern Aircraft and Technology

The aircraft that we use to train students are each classified as Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA). The options we offer include Cessna 172 Skyhawks, Cessna Stationair C206H, Cirrus SR20 and SR22, and Piper PA-44 Seminole. We also outfit each aircraft with glass cockpit technology, so you will be prepared to transfer this training to all modern aircraft.

Ideal Location

The location of our flight training center is another key to choosing Paragon Flight. We have lovely flying weather over 350 days per year and are close to several airports in Southwest Florida. Our student pilots have numerous opportunities to log their required hours of flight time.

Stellar Reputation

The reputation that we have developed over the years is yet another reason to choose Paragon Flight. Often considered one of the best flight schools in the world, Paragon Flight have been awarded Excellence Awards over many years for our success in flight training. Word of mouth in this area and online speaks for itself in this regard.

Becoming a Commercial Pilot

Commercial flight training is different because it allows pilots to earn money flying. When you earn this license, you will be able to fly cargo and passengers – a daunting responsibility. For this reason, the requirements are stringent, as they should be.

Minimum requirements of the FAA for commercial pilots include that you be 18 years old, able to communicate clearly in English (spoken and written), hold a valid private pilot license (PPL), hold a valid 2nd class medical certificate, log 250 hours of flight time, log 100 hours of Pilot-in-Command Training, log 20 hours of dual flight time, log 10 hours of solo flight time, and pass the FAA written, oral, and practical exams. When complete, you will be ready to pursue a career as a pilot.

We can help you add an instrument rating certification as well, something that isn’t legally required but is often a qualification for employment.

Paragon Flight will ensure that you learn everything you need to know to be a good pilot. From aeronautics to meteorology and reporting practices, you will complete a program designed to prepare you thoroughly and quickly.

Those who plan to attend a commercial flight training school should definitely include Paragon Flight on their list. We are an FAA-approved flight school and can provide the right course for your plans and situation. Schedule a sit-down with our Chief Flight Instructor to create a customized plan for your pilot training today: (239) 274-3170!