Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On Bradenton, Florida

Do you have a commercial pilot license and would like to earn a multi-engine add-on in the area of Bradenton, Florida? Paragon Flight has two locations – one in Fort Myers and another in Punta Gorda – that provide a wide range of flight instruction experiences in an ideal environment for success. We offer a program that will allow you to complete supplemental multi-engine training in one week.

Multi-Engine Flight Training

Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On Bradenton, FloridaWhen you become a commercial pilot, the goal is usually to operate multi-engine aircraft. You may initially train for a Commercial Multi-Engine License (CMEL), or you can secure a Commercial Single-Engine License (CSEL) and later add a multi-engine add-on rating.

Multi-Engine Initial Training Programs Include:

  • 35 hours of multi-engine practical training
  • 10 hours of ground training
  • 1 ½ hours of the FAA checkride
  • Supplemental training materials

Multi-Engine Add-On Training Programs Include:

  • 11-15 hours of multi-engine practical training
  • 5 hours of ground training
  • 1 ½ hours of the FAA checkride
  • Supplemental training materials

Essentially, the transition from single-engine flight to multi-engine flight includes learning to deal with twice the power. Multi-engine aircraft are able to fly higher and faster than single-engine planes. 

Should one of the two engines fail, the asymmetry of the thrust can lead to a loss of control. Much of the training related to multi-engine flight focuses on normal flight as well as One Engine Inoperative (OEI) conditions and how to deal with them during all stages of flight. 

Multi-Engine Training Aircraft

The standard training aircraft for multi-engine situations is the Piper PA-44 Seminole. This aircraft is completely metal, handles predictably, and has straightforward flight systems, so it’s the obvious choice for learning to fly twin-engine planes. As part of our fleet, any training aircraft that we have is outfitted with Glass Cockpit and advanced avionics, qualifying as Technically Advanced Aircraft.

Train at Paragon Flight

Paragon Flight is one of the nation’s leading flight institutions. We’re authorized by the FAA under Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 141 and 61. Having the ability to work under both sets of regs allows us to provide pilot-candidates with full-time, rigidly structured courses as well as more flexible, custom-created courses.

The weather in Southwest Florida is also welcoming to pilots and flight training. More than 350 days of the year have skies that are clear for both takeoff and landing, so our student-pilots have no environmental obstacles to training. These conditions also mean that the area has an abundance of potential flight instructors. We leverage this abundance to provide the best of the best Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) for our students.

In addition to weather, the location is ideal because of its proximity to a host of metropolitan areas and airports. We have two locations with tower-controlled runways: Page Field (FMY) in Fort Myers and Punta Gorda Airport (PGA). Our students enjoy the coastal beauty and scenic attractions from the cockpit, and they have access to accommodations that suit all budgets and preferences.

If you’re looking for the right place to go for commercial multi-engine add-on training in Bradenton, FL, consider Paragon Flight. We’re within driving distance and offer the type of experience that is second to none. To begin your journey toward any level of flight education, click here to contact us online or call (239) 747-0056 to speak with our team.