Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On Fort Myers, FL

If your career plans include wearing the wings of a jetliner captain, earning a commercial multi-engine add-on is essential, and Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, FL, is the right choice for those seeking an effective approach.

Chase Your Dreams to New Heights

Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On Fort Myers, FLPilots generally love adventure and speed, and with a multi-engine aircraft, you increase both. The natural progression to a plane with greater power is answered with a multi-engine course to prepare you well. You’ll gain an endorsement required for an airline gig along with a sense of satisfaction with your accomplishment.

What a Multi-Engine Course Entails

The multi-engine course here at Paragon Flight doesn’t require a written test, but it does end with a checkride meant to measure skill and knowledge. This checkride includes a verbal and practical component and is administered by an FAA approved evaluator. We pledge to fully prepare you for a successful experience. Once you clear your checkride, you’ll have a multi-engine rating added to your pilot’s license.

The program we offer is seven short days with a knowledge and flight element. You’ll need to already have a commercial or private pilot’s license. For career-minded pilots, beginning with a commercial license is the wise way to go. It will save money and time.

Paragon Flight’s multi-engine course includes each of the following elements:

  • The aerodynamics of multi-engine aircraft
  • Takeoffs
  • Landing procedures
  • Go-arounds
  • Emergency procedures for all stages of flight
  • Single-engine procedures
  • Pre and post flight requirements
  • Airport procedures

When participating in the Paragon Flight multi-engine rating course, you’ll practice in our Piper PA-44 Seminole. This aircraft is widely considered the best for multi-engine practice, and all of our aircraft are outfitted with superior technology to classify as a Technically Advanced Aircraft.

Advantages to Learning with Paragon Flight

Paragon Flight, at Page Field, is located in Fort Myers, near several cities. You’ll enjoy 350+ days of outstanding weather for flying, plenty of nearby hotel accommodations, and a plethora of activities for your family to enjoy while you perfect your flying skills.

Because we’re authorized under both FAR Part 141 and Part 61, we can personalize flight instruction as a Part 61 institution. Our team of CFIs have a wide breadth of experience and remarkable skill to thoroughly prepare our student-pilots. The Part 141 programs we offer are designed for full-time student-pilots and are strict regarding scheduling, pacing, and lesson content.

When you come here for your week of training, expect to spend 5 hours learning about the new systems with its limitations and performance factors, 11 ½ hours in the air training, and 1 ½ hours taking your checkride. If you think you’ll need more time in the air, choose our 15-hour course. Pilots should be prepared to work hard, learn fast, and have fun doing it.

Paragon Flight provides a full range of flight training. Regardless of the inspiration for your passion for aviation, come to us for the required instruction. We’re well regarded and have received many awards over the years for the quality of our flight training.

Children far and wide dream of becoming airline pilots. If you choose to make this dream a reality, call Paragon Flight to participate in our commercial multi-engine add-on course in Fort Myers, FL. Our number is (239)274-3170, and your goals are one step closer just by picking up the phone.