Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On Port Charlotte, Florida

Have a commercial pilot license and need to earn a multi-engine add-on rating in Port Charlotte, Florida? Paragon Flight in nearby Punta Gorda or Fort Myers provides the FAA-authorized training that you need for a plethora of flight credentials. 

Commercial pilots fulfill a range of roles – piloting everything from airliners to crop dusters. No matter what type of craft you plan to fly, you’ll need a commercial license to accept payment for the service performed in the cockpit. If your plans involve flying a multi-engine aircraft, you’ll need those privileges as well. 

Multi-Engine Privileges Explained

Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On Port Charlotte, FloridaFlying a plane with more than one engine requires multi-engine privileges included with the certifications that the pilot has. Pilots can earn these privileges two ways. First, he or she can include multi-engine flight in the initial phase of training, or the skill can be earned as a supplement to an existing license.

Graduating to a multi-engine plane will require that you learn to accommodate for the greater power and speed, especially if one of the engines fails and you’re left with asymmetrical thrust. This situation can cause a pilot to lose control, so any multi-engine training will focus in depth on One-Engine Inoperative (OEI) conditions during all stages of flight.

Multi-Engine Initial Programs

When first becoming a commercial pilot, you can include multi-engine training and earn a Commercial Multi-Engine License (CMEL). This program will consist of 35 hours of practical experience, 10 hours of ground training, 1 ½ hours for the check ride, and all supplemental training materials regarding multi-engine training.

Multi-Engine Add-On Programs

If you already have your commercial license and would like to supplement your certification with a multi-engine add-on rating, Paragon Flight can help with that as well. This program will include 11-15 hours of practical training, 5 hours of ground instruction, 1 ½ hours for the check ride, and all supplemental training materials. This course can be completed in a single week.

Multi-Engine Training Aircraft

Paragon Flight exclusively uses the Piper PA-44 Seminole for multi-engine flight training. This aircraft is all metal, flies predictably, and handles safely. The straightforward controls make this plane an excellent choice for training, and with Glass Cockpit technology and advanced avionics, this aircraft qualifies as a Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA).

Paragon Flight – The Clear Choice of Flight School

As you consider the schools available to you for multi-engine flight training, you’ll discover that Paragon Flight offers every feature needed for excellent results.

Our location is one of our most significant assets. Operating out of Southwest Florida means that we enjoy flight-friendly weather 350+ days of the year, and with Page Field (FMY) in Fort Myers and the Punta Gorda Airport (PGD) in Punta Gorda as our homes, we’re able to provide tower-controlled runway access, plenty of practice airfields, and proximity to numerous metropolitan areas.

In addition to the location, Paragon Flight provides world-class instructors, curriculum, and aircraft. The ALSIM Flight Simulator that our students can use offers reliable and realistic training with less expense. From savings on simulator training to accelerated programs that allow students to complete training faster, we’re committed to helping students find avenues for savings.

If you’d like to secure a multi-engine add-on rating for your commercial pilot license near Port Charlotte, Florida, click here to contact Paragon Flight.