Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On St. Petersburg, Florida

Already have a commercial pilot license and want to supplement the certification with a multi-engine add-on in the St. Petersburg, Florida area? Consult with the team here at the Punta Gorda location of Paragon Flight for a bespoke program that will help you meet your needs as quickly and affordably as possible.

Multi-Engine Training with Paragon Flight

Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On St. Petersburg, FloridaPrograms at Paragon Flight, custom-designed to suit individual schedules, budgets, and goals, will make the difference in a successful versus failed training program. We offer multi-engine add-on training that you can finish in about a week. You’ll complete 11-15 hours in the cockpit perfecting your multi-engine skills, 5 hours in the classroom developing a knowledge base relevant to multi-engine flight, and 1 ½ hours submitting for the FAA check ride. We’ll provide all of the materials needed for training.

When transitioning from a single-engine aircraft to a multi-engine one, the primary training element will be one-engine operations. A plane with two engines experiences an imbalance that can cause loss of control when one of those engines fails without appropriate reactions by the pilot. Learning how to respond to this situation in all possible conditions is vital to multi-engine training.

The Piper PA-44 Seminole is the standard aircraft for multi-engine training throughout the industry, and it’s the aircraft that Paragon Flight multi-engine students fly. Our Seminole aircraft are 2022 models or newer, equipped with Garmin G1000 NXi avionics and GFC700 autopilot. The features of the Piper PA-44-180 Seminole aircraft include:

  • 162 ktas maximum cruise speed
  • 1028 lb. useful load limit
  • 2,200 ft. takeoff distance
  • 1,490 ft. landing distance
  • 108 US gallons fuel capacity
  • All-metal construction
  • Lycoming IO-360 engine
  • Simple systems

Additional Programs at Paragon Flight

Wherever your aviation ambitions take you, Paragon Flight can direct the way. In addition to multi-engine training accessed as an add-on endorsement or during initial training, we offer training for Private Pilot Licenses (PPL), Instrument Flight Ratings (IFR), Commercial Single-Engine Licenses (CSEL), Commercial Multi-Engine Licenses (CMEL), Certified Flight Instructor credentials for single-engine flight, instrument flight ratings, and multi-engine flight (CFI, CFII, and MEI).

Why Choose Paragon Flight?

It is entirely out of our control, but the single most important reason to choose Paragon Flight is the weather in this area! Over 350 days of the year allow pilots to get in the sky and perfect their skills.

Along with the opportunity to spend time in the cockpit comes the sights you can enjoy from the sky. The coastal beauty of this region is stunning, so pilots frequently come to this area to make a living and accrue flight time. We also take advantage of this bevy of Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) to be able to provide our students with the best of the best instructors.

At Paragon Flight, students learn using the Jeppesen curriculum, a proven program that allows pilots to complete training 30% faster than the national average – saving time and money without sacrificing quality.

When you come to us for training, you will experience the best program for you, using the ideal curriculum, training aircraft, and instructors for you as an individual.

Interested? Concerned about financing?

Our team can help you find appropriate resources for financial solutions. We have experience with various lenders and programs for all types of students.

When ready to earn your commercial multi-engine add-on in St. Petersburg, FL, come to Paragon Flight’s Punta Gorda location for a successful, fun, and safe experience!