Commercial Pilot License School in Florida

The beautiful sunshine and clear skies of Southwest Florida set the table for the world’s best environment for flight training. If you’re interested in pursuing a commercial pilot license, Paragon Flight is the school for you. Our programs include many training possibilities, including private, commercial, instrument, Certified Flight Instructor, single- and multi-engine training, and more.

If you love to fly, why not transform a hobby into an occupation?

You will need a commercial pilot certificate to start.

Introduction to Paragon Flight

Commercial Pilot License School in FloridaPilot hopefuls find Paragon Flight operating out of Page Field in Fort Myers, Florida. We have every single element needed to provide comprehensive and customized flight training.

The Aircraft Fleet

The training fleet we utilize at Paragon Flight consists of every aircraft needed to complete the training requirements for the programs we offer. All of them qualify as Technically Advanced Aircraft, being outfitted with Glass Cockpit Technology. The specific aircraft we use include the Cessna C172S Skyhawk, the Piper PA-44-180 Seminole, the Cessna T182T Skylane, the Cirrus SR20 G6, the Cirrus SR22 G5/G6, and the ALSIM AL172 Flight Simulator.

The maintenance demands of our aircraft fleet are thorough and detailed through FAA guidelines. Choosing Paragon Flight will provide the standard for aviation training in the sky for all of our programs.

The Flight Training Recognition

The AOPA, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, is the foremost advocate for pilots in the United States. We’ve been honored with awards given by this organization repeatedly over the years for the superior quality of our flight training programs. The standard that earned us this recognition is the standard that we hold ourselves to daily.

The Overarching Guidelines from the FAA

The FAA oversees flight training schools through the FAR, or Federal Aviation Regulations, Parts 61 and 141. Part 141 regulations are far stricter than Part 61 regs; they follow a set curriculum and schedule. Part 61 flight schools allow flexibility with scheduling and pacing, so pilot hopefuls with busier schedules often prefer Part 61 schools while full-time students choose Part 141 flight schools.

Paragon Flight is authorized under Parts 61 and 141, so our students enjoy the best of all worlds.

The status that we have as a FAR Part 141 flight school makes it possible for us to welcome military veterans with GI benefits, full-time students using student financial aid packages and international students with student visas.

Aviation education is a cumulative process. With a private or commercial license in place, you will add endorsements and classifications to allow your flight conditions, aircraft, and purposes to advance.

Make a Living in the Sky

When you love to fly, spend every day loving what you do by earning a commercial pilot’s certificate. Accepting any payment for your service as a pilot is unacceptable without a commercial pilot’s license. Once you have this license, however, you can begin your career in the cockpit. Whether you choose to advance to captain of a jetliner or prefer to fly simply with transport, banners, site-seeing, or other flight service is up to you.

If you’re ready to take your seat in the cockpit as a Pilot in Command, you need to earn your commercial pilot license, and Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, Florida, is the ultimate school for your training.