Commercial Pilot License School

Acquiring a commercial pilot license requires completion of a credible flight school program. Paragon Flight is one of the best training sources in Southwest Florida, indeed in the entire United States. Our programs can be either traditional or accelerated to allow students to maintain their lifestyles and obligations while learning in the way that they learn best. Grab the opportunity to make your living as the Pilot-in-Command of an aircraft.

Practice Your Craft at Paragon Flight

Commercial Pilot License SchoolWith sunny, clear skies, warm weather, and plenty of practice fields, Fort Myers is a perfect home for flight training. Page Field in Fort Myers is home to Paragon Flight. We have the authority to train pilots under Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 61 and 141, as defined by the FAA.

Being approved as a Part 61 and Part 141 flight school, we’re able to meet the needs of all student-pilots including those with only part-time availability as well as those who need a full-time approach to qualify for student loans, GI funding, or international student approval.

International students are as welcome at Paragon Flight as domestic student-pilots. To attend flight school, students must verify citizenship status. Non-citizens will have to acquire approval from the Department of Homeland Security; we can supply the I20 form you will need for the application. Foreign students with residency status will need TSA approval.

All of our students, regardless of status, must be a minimum of 18 years old, fluent and literate in the English language, and be current in their FAA medical approval.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) routinely recognizes the best flight schools and flight instructors in the nation, and we’re proud to have repeatedly been honored by this organization.

Paragon’s Training Fleet

The training fleet kept by Paragon Flight is categorized as Technically Advanced, newer, well-kept, and considered the standard for training. We outfit our entire fleet with G1000 avionics, and pilots will learn all of the skills required to feel comfortable behind the controls of today’s and tomorrow’s aircraft.

An Experience and Proven Team of Certified Flight Instructors

The crew of Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) is remarkably and broadly experienced. Our staff is made up of the very best available, and as we hire, we choose the pilots who excel during rigorous training measures.

Schedule Your Discovery Flight

Before you fully invest your schedule, money, and attention into flight school, plan a Discovery Flight with Paragon Flight. You’ll have a facility tour, an introductory session of ground instruction, and some time in the air with the opportunity to control the plane yourself. This flight is definitely worth it if you need some assurance that being a pilot is really for you.

Start with a Commercial Pilot License

Making the bacon in the sky requires a commercial pilot license, so if you have any notion that your plans lie in that direction, start with a commercial pilot license rather than a private pilot certificate. Once you’ve acquired this license, you can then pursue add-on ratings to fly with instrument controls, multiple engines, or as a trainer.

If you’re ready for a commercial pilot license, come to Paragon Flight for aviation school. To work out your own individual training plan, call (239) 274-3170 today. We will do everything possible to work out a program that fits your calendar and fulfills your dreams.