Commercial Pilot School Atlanta, GA

Residents of Atlanta, GA, will find the trip to Paragon Flight in Fort Myers well worth it when they’re interested in attending commercial pilot school. A commercial pilot license is required to make a living from flight, and we offer programs designed around the individual student.

Commercial Pilot School Atlanta, GAOperating out of Page Field in Fort Myers, Paragon Flight has the experience and qualities to prepare pilot candidates for successful careers. Before beginning training, we urge you to confer with the Chief Flight Instructor for a discussion surrounding goals, timelines, and existing experience.

Understanding the Commercial Pilot License

With a Commercial Pilot License, pilots can fly in various conditions, haul cargo, convey passengers, etc. Many beginning pilots offer sight-seeing services, banner towing, and even Certified Flight Instruction, particularly if they’re accumulating documented flight hours for Airline Transport Pilot qualifications.

Qualifications to become a Certified Commercial Pilot include:

  • 18 years old
  • A fluent speaker, reader, and writer of English
  • Currently certified Private Pilot
  • Approved with a 1st or 2nd Class Medical Certificate
  • Document 250 total hours of flight, 100 hours as PIC, 50 hours cross country, 20 hours of training (10 – solo with some cross country and night time)
  • Clear written test
  • Clear a checkride with practical and verbal evaluation components

Federal Aviation Regulation Authorizations

As the uncommon flight school with authorizations under Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 141 and 61, Paragon Flight provides the best of all worlds: the flexibility of a Part 61 program regarding pacing and scheduling and the structured curriculum of a Part 141 program. Further, we’re able to accept admissions from students who are required to attend a Part 141 program, for example, veterans with GI benefits, college-age students with financial aid, and international students on an M-1 Visa.

Set up a consultation with our Head of Flight Instruction for a custom program to design a plan based upon where you are, where you want to go, the time you have available, and the financial implications.

Once you have a commercial pilot’s license, what will you do with it?

To acquire a job as an airline pilot, you will need to earn an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate and document at least 1,500 hours of experience. Additional jobs you can pursue include cargo pilot, aerial photography, government air service, crop duster, rescue pilot, corporate pilot, and charter or private pilot.

Earn Your Credentials at Paragon Flight

Paragon Flight, set at Page Field in Fort Myers, FL, can offer something few other flight schools can: beautiful weather 350+ days of the year! This climate allows pilot candidates to document flight time more regularly, speeding up the time required to earn credentials.

The Jeppesen curriculum that we use at Paragon Flight produces safe and established pilots 30% faster than the national average. This curriculum was developed by a subsidiary of the Boeing Corporation, a leader in the aviation world.

You’ll also find proven Certified Flight Instructors with a best-fit promise for effective engagement and a fleet of Technically Advanced Aircraft with equipment meant for all offered flight training programs.

For the best commercial pilot school possible, travel from Atlanta, GA, to Fort Myers, FL, to experience the Paragon Flight custom training. Reach out by phone at (239) 274-3170 or online by clicking here.