Commercial Pilot School California

Attending a commercial pilot school in Florida rather than in California makes great sense when you choose Paragon Flight in Fort Myers. Not only do we have a terrific location for regular practice and beautiful views, but we also provide a streamlined, accelerated course for becoming a professional aviator.

Commercial Pilot School CaliforniaAs an FAA-authorized flight school, Paragon Flight provides FAR Part 61 and 141 instruction. Based at Page Field in Fort Myers in Southwest Florida, we offer perfect weather for practical training, a tower-controlled runway, numerous practice fields, and a wealth of experienced flight instructors.

The Role of a Commercial Pilot

A commercial pilot has a license that allows for operations on a professional basis. Without a commercial pilot license, an aviator cannot accept payment for flight services. Whether a pilot dusts crops, delivers packages, rescues the injured, or transports passengers, the role may include all of the following duties:

  • Follow a pre-flight checklist
  • Check the plane for weight balance
  • Evaluate the flight schedule, fuel supply and demand, and weather before takeoff
  • Communicate with the tower control personnel during takeoff and landing
  • Operate the aircraft along a planned route
  • Monitor the functioning and systems of the aircraft
  • Complete post-flight reports

Paragon Flight’s Professional Pilot Program

The P3 Professional Pilot Program from Paragon Flight allows student pilots to complete their training faster and cheaper without sacrificing quality.

This program focuses on the following essentials of training:

  • Quality vs. quantity
  • Financial assistance via student loans, scholarships, and grant opportunities
  • Character and leadership development

38 Weeks to Commercial Pilot License

  • Private Pilot License (PPL) – 0-10 Weeks

The initial step towards becoming a pilot, this course provides a strong foundation and is considered the most critical part of your training.

  • Instrument Rating (IFR) – 18 Weeks

Allows pilots to fly using communication and navigation systems and is essential for every commercial pilot job.

  • Commercial License, Single Engine and Multi-Engine (CSEL and CMEL) – 30 Weeks

Earn your commercial pilot license to work as a pilot and be paid. This course expands on your foundation to ensure safety for the great responsibility of flight services. 

  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) – 38 Weeks

The last phase in the process provides pilots with a source of income and training. While training future pilots, the time spent in the sky counts toward your required 1,500 hours to apply as an airline pilot, and you can charge for your services. 

Skills Needed by a Commercial Pilot

You’ll need to develop several skills when you train for a commercial pilot license. From general skills like time management, leadership, and communication to more aviation skills, including takeoff and landing, navigation, and emergency response, Paragon Flight will help you develop them all. 

Being a pilot also requires a few physical variables, which is why FAA medical certification is required. Excellent eyesight, quick response time, and a healthy cardiovascular system are necessary for the job.

The outlook for pilots in the US job market is excellent right now. Rising salaries and benefits make this time ideal for anyone who’s dreamed of making a living from the cockpit to pursue that dream. Travel from California, Connecticut, or Colorado to Fort Myers, Florida, for the P3 Professional Pilot Program at Paragon Flight and become a commercial pilot in less time and with less money than another flight school can promise.