Commercial Pilot School Dallas, TX

Become an aviation expert, ready for commercial performance as a pilot by attending Paragon Flight in Florida rather than a lesser flight school in Dallas, TX. Read on to discover why the trip is undeniably worth it!

Commercial Pilot School Dallas, TXSince 2006 Paragon Flight has offered stellar flight training with a combination of top-notch flight instructors, aircraft, and curriculum. Furthermore, we have the blessing of positioning, weather, and proximity to airfields and metropolises.

Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 61 and 141 govern the actions and programs of Paragon Flight. With both parts in effect, we can please pilot candidates with the lifestyle of a full-time student and that of an established worker with family and career obligations. The process begins with a custom program created just for you with your schedule, lifestyle, budget, and goals in mind. Learn more by scheduling a consultation with our Chief Flight Instructor.

Earning a Commercial Pilot Certificate

The steps to becoming a commercial pilot become much less burdensome with the guidance of Paragon Flight.

The prerequisites for becoming a commercial pilot include being a private pilot, having a 2nd Class Medical Certificate, being at least 18 years old, and being able to converse fluently and literately in English. Our process will allow you to complete your training faster and with less expense than other programs that lack the efficiency and personalization of Paragon Flight programs.

The training you’ll pursue will include your choice of certificates and endorsements. You can choose to earn a commercial license for single- or multi-engine operations. If you decide to go with single-engine commercial licensing, you can go back for a multi-engine rating to add to your license later.

The Instrument Flight Rating is one supplemental to your license that you should prioritize. Without it, you’ll be limited in terms of conditions and timing. The Certified Flight Instructor(I/II/MEI) license is yet another to pursue. This option is particularly smart for pilots who need to make a buck while documenting the 1,500 hours required for airline work!

But Why Choose Paragon Flight

The trip to receive an aviation education at Paragon Flight is well worth it. Let’s first consider the weather! Blessed to be positioned in Southwest Florida, Paragon Flight students enjoy 350 days of the year with ready-for-takeoff conditions. We operate out of Page Field, the general aviation hub of the region, and boast a tower-controlled airport and several nearby practice airfields. Our students have no shortage of opportunities for logging hours and completing training faster.

Yet another benefit of our location is the wealth of applicants we can choose from for Certified Flight Instructor positions. Our students receive the best instruction from the best instructors and in the best aircraft.

All of our aircraft are qualified as Technically Advanced and maintained to a scope well beyond that required by the FAA.

We at Paragon Flight also use the Jeppesen Curriculum, a program of study proven to produce ready pilots 30% faster than the national average. This curriculum is created by a Boeing Corporation subsidiary, a leader in the aviation industry.

Are you ready to pursue a career as a commercial pilot in Dallas, TX, and need a school for training? Allow us to urge you to consider Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, FL. The trip may seem like a waste, but rest assured, the investment will pay off in the results.