Commercial Pilot School Fort Myers, Fl

No matter the particular niche in the aviation industry you’d like to fill, you will need to become a commercial pilot in order to legally accept payment for flight services, and Paragon Flight school offers an excellent method of preparation, operating out of Page Field (FMY) in Fort Myers, FL.

Commercial Pilot School Fort Myers, FlThe student-centered approach that we take to flight instruction means that we will chart a course specifically for you based upon experience level, ambitions, and available time.

If you’re striving to enter the aviation field commercially, Paragon Flight can assist you with either Commercial Single-Engine Certification or Commercial Multi-Engine Certification in addition to other programs.

All flight schools are authorized by the FAA under Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 141 or 61. Part 141 is a highly structured, by-the-syllabus, full-time classroom-based program of flight instruction while Part 61 courses are 1:1 self-paced programs. Paragon Flight is proud to be authorized under both regulations, so we welcome students who prefer structure as well as those with family, work, and social obligations that limit their available time for training.

The Paragon Flight Training Aircraft Fleet

Paragon Flight’s fleet of aircraft is comprehensively qualified as Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA), equipped with Glass cockpit avionics and in-line with the modern aircraft you’ll see in your career to come. Overall, the fleet includes the following models:

  • Cessna C172S Skyhawk
  • Piper PA28 “Pilot”
  • Piper PA-44-180 Seminole
  • Cessna T182T Skylane
  • Cirrus SR20 G6
  • Cirrus SR22 G5/G6
  • ALSIM AL172 Flight Simulator

This full fleet prepares us to facilitate practical experience in single-engine, twin-engine, sporting planes, and top-of-the-line simulators.

The Paragon Flight Environmental Benefits

Southwest Florida, the home of Paragon Flight, is ideal for flight training. Our student-pilots have no shortage of opportunities to log flight hours due to the terrific weather year-round and the plethora of practice fields nearby. Even more, the weather, scenery, and aviation opportunities draw Certified Flight Instructors from all over, making our applicant pool incredibly skilled and diverse.

The Paragon Flight Name in the Industry

Paragon Flight is well known as a quality flight school due to the many years of successful training and the professionalism with which we treat our students and associated pilots. We’ve been honored to receive Awards of Excellence for our flight training and instructors many times over the years. The AOPA, or Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association directs these honors to deserving flight schools throughout the country, so we’re proud of these awards.

The Paragon Flight Path to Commercial Pilot Credentials

Earning money as a pilot requires that you complete commercial flight training and earn a Commercial Pilot License. Once you have this credential, you’ll be able to haul cargo or passengers.

Minimally to pursue commercial pilot credentials, you’ll need to meet several qualifications:

  • 18 years old
  • Literate and fluent in English
  • Currently licensed as a private pilot
  • Holding a current 2nd class (or higher) medical certificate
  • Documentation of 250 hours of flight time
    • 100 logged hours as PIC, Pilot in Command
    • 20 logged hours of dual flight time
    • 10 logged hours of solo flight time
  • Pass the written exam and check ride

If you’re planning to become a commercial pilot, choose a school like Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, Fl. We’re able to design a course around you, but to begin this process, you’ll need to meet with our Head Flight Instructor. Schedule that meeting today by calling (239) 274-3170 or click here to speak with our team.