Commercial Pilot School Minnesota

Is traveling from Minnesota to Florida to attend commercial pilot school worth the investment of effort, time, and money? If the flight school is Paragon Flight, the answer is a resounding yes! Make the trip an investment in your future as a professional pilot. No matter the career path you choose in life, the best training is the best training, and for pilots, that means us.

The Pinnacle of Flight Training

Commercial Pilot School MinnesotaSettling for a regional flight school may also mean settling in other areas, arriving ready to learn and prepare for aviation only to discover that the flight school is ill-prepared to meet its promises. Paragon Flight under-promises and over-delivers, providing a fleet of aircraft with equipment to provide practical experience for all credentials offered, dual FAR authorizations, and personalized one-on-one courses.

If you’re looking for flight training that will focus on you and your future success, we urge you to come to Paragon Flight, operating out of Page Field in Fort Myers, FL. Our reputation as a flight school with frequent recognition by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), along with the superiority of our components, make us the ideal source for pilot training.

Fort Myers, FL, offers beautiful weather over 350 days of the year so that students get plenty of air time. Your flight opportunities won’t be few and far between; additionally, we’re near many practice fields, enjoy a rich pool of flight instructor applicants, and have a wide range of accommodations in larger cities within driving distance.

FAA Credentials from Paragon Flight:

  • Private Pilot
  • Instrument Flight Rating
  • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Airline Transport Pilot
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/CFII/MEI)

The fleet that we use is as well-rounded as our menu of programs. Within Paragon Flight awaits beautiful specimens of aviation machines with Glass Cockpit Technology and advanced avionics. Specifically, we house Piper PA28 “Pilot,” Cessna C172S Skyhawk, Piper PA-44-180 Seminole, Cessna T182T Skylane, Cirrus SR20 G6, Cirrus SR22 G5/G6, and ALSIM AL172 Flight Simulator.

Making a Commercial Pilot

Just because you can fly a plane doesn’t mean you can make your living doing so. A commercial pilot license is mandated for pilots who choose to make a career in the cockpit. The jobs available to commercial pilots are diverse and available for every niche and personality.

Maintain Obligations While Pursuing Dreams

Paragon Flight is authorized by both FAR Parts 141 and 61, two sets of guidelines with different parameters and pacing requirements with the same outcome. Both programs will end in a checkride and a license if passed, but a Part 141 program is more classroom-based, on a full-time, rigid schedule, while Part 61 courses offer flexibility in scheduling and pacing.

Financing Future Career Endeavors

The higher in aviation circles you plan to fly, the more you’ll need to spend on your training. However, you can manage payment arrangements. Some student pilots may be able to arrange for financial aid packages; others may qualify for GI Bill funds for military service. Others may choose to finance their dreams with one of the lenders our students often choose.

Whether you travel to Florida for commercial pilot school from Minnesota or any other state in the US, choose Paragon Flight. We offer a premier system of pilot preparation that is without rivals.