Commercial Pilot School Pennsylvania

Pilot candidates who are eager to find a quality school where they can train to earn a commercial pilot license should make the trip from Pennsylvania (or any other state) to Paragon Flight at Page Field in Fort Myers, Florida. A custom program, research-based curriculum, and wealth of flight opportunities will have you depositing cash from cockpit services faster than other training options.

Commercial Pilot School PennsylvaniaFAA-approvals for flight schools are governed by either FAR Part 61 or FAR part 141. The majority of aviation institutions operate under one set of guidelines or the other, but we at Paragon Flight fall under both FAR Parts. We can accommodate your needs, whether you require rigid adherence to curriculum and full-time attendance, the flexibility of pacing and scheduling, or maybe a blend of both.

In combination with regulations, we also prioritize the quality of our Certified Flight Instructors, aircraft, and curriculum.

The mission of Paragon Flight is to produce the safest and most well-prepared pilots possible. We want to set you up for a successful career. After all, when we do our job well, you benefit, tell others, and return to further our climb up the aviation ladder.

The success of Paragon Flight is evident in our success, reputation, and the honors received by the Aircraft Owner and Pilots Association (AOPA). The excellence of our flight training is seen in the results and the components of the instruction.

Qualifications for Becoming a Licensed Commercial Pilot

Pilots to earn money from the air must be licensed as commercial pilots. When commercial pilots enter the field, the range of jobs is diverse and numerous.

  • Commercial Airline Pilot
  • Cargo Pilot
  • Aerial Photography and Government Air Service
  • Agricultural and Crop Duster Pilot
  • Emergency and Rescue Pilot
  • Corporate Pilot
  • Charter and Private Pilot

Whether you prefer a quiet life in a rural setting, a life of service for the injured or ill, or the thrill and adventure of international airline pilot service, being a pilot can be rewarding for every lifestyle and value system.

Two Types of Commercial Licenses Available

At Paragon Flight, professional pilot hopefuls find two programs available to them. Our student pilots can earn a CSEL or CMEL, either a single- or multi-engine commercial pilot certificate. Students who choose the single-engine option can always go back at a later date to supplement their licenses with multi-engine ratings.

Let’s talk minimum qualifications for studying to become a commercial pilot. First, you need to be at least 18 years old and communicate well in English (verbally and in writing).

Next, you should hold a current private pilot license (which you can earn here) and have a valid 2nd Class Medical Certificate. To qualify for the medical, you need 20/20 vision with correction, 20/40 in each eye separately with correction, able to see colors clearly, able to hear conversational level speech at 6 feet with your back turned, and score at least 70% on an audiology test with no greater than 65dB. Furthermore, you can’t have any history of equilibrium issues, blood pressure over 155/95, a history of severe mental disorders, or a history of substance or alcohol abuse. Finally, a history of cardiac problems can also be a dealbreaker for the medical.

Calling all pilot candidates in Pennsylvania and the Mid Atlantic region, come to Paragon Flight for a commercial pilot school that offers the beauty of Florida with the expertise of a tried-and-true aviation institution.