Commercial Pilot School San Diego, California

Do you aspire to become an airline pilot? The place to start is by becoming a commercial pilot. Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, Florida offers a faster, more affordable program to achieve this goal than any available area around San Diego, California. We welcome you to earn your CSEL and CMEL with flight instructor certification in 38 short weeks through our P3 Professional Pilot Program.

Calling All Aspiring Airline Pilots!

Commercial Pilot School San Diego, CaliforniaAn Airline Pilot Transport Certification isn’t quickly or easily acquired. As you can imagine, by the responsibilities involved with flying an airline aircraft, the training and oversight required are fairly expansive and rigorous. Let’s detail the steps involved with earning your captain’s wings and the expectations you should have for your future as an airline pilot.

Airline pilots provide transportation for passengers from one point to another. These pilots operate the aircraft with expertise, relying on advanced systems, specialized navigation equipment, and a professional crew. Airliners will work as a team, with a captain and first officer collaborating to provide safety, comfort, and communication before, during, and after the flight.

Steps to Become an Airline Pilot

If your experience level is zero, you’ll begin training by obtaining a Private Pilot License (PPL). This step is the foundation of all future training. It includes flight, maneuvers, planning, and emergency response basics. The P3 Professional Pilot Program at Paragon Flight allows you to earn this certification in 10 weeks.

Operating as a future commercial or airline pilot, you’ll need an Instrument Rating (IFR). This training encompasses using navigation and communication equipment to handle various weather conditions and altitudes and communication with control tower personnel. By week 18 of the P3 program, you’ll have this rating in the bag.

A Commercial Pilot License (CPL) for both single-engine and multi-engine aircraft (CSEL and CMEL) will be the next step toward working for an airline. This certification is necessary for any role that accepts payment for flight, whether you dust crops, tow banners, or host a site-seeing tour. Paragon Flight’s newly developed P3 Program features earning this license by Week 30 of training.

The final phase of the P3 Program includes earning Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) credentials by Week 38, the last week of training. This license lets you provide flight training to make a living, logging experience simultaneously. 

After you have all of these credentials, you can continue with training to earn an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certification and document 1,500 hours of flight experience. 

Reasons to Choose Paragon Flight

Paragon Flight’s home is Page Field (FMY), the aviation hub in Southwest Florida, located in Fort Myers. This location provides access to takeoff and landing via a tower-controlled runway and numerous practice airfields. 

Another benefit to this location is out of our control but vital: the weather! The climate here provides 350 days of sunny skies and clear takeoff conditions, facilitating practical training and the accumulation of mandated flight time.

The P3 Professional Pilot Program at Paragon Flight allows aspiring pilots to go from zero experience to licensed commercial pilots with flight instructor credentials in fewer than ten months, a timeline you won’t find near San Diego, California, or elsewhere in the US. Reach out today to discover more about this program by clicking here or calling our team at (239) 747-0056.