Commercial Pilot School Virginia

The life of a professional pilot is one of adventure, travel, and service. A commercial pilot may serve various needs, from conveying passengers across the seas to moving packages, spraying crops, and rescuing the injured and ill. With Paragon Flight in Florida, pilot candidates in Virginia will have the required training, practice, and credentials to meet these challenges.

A Commercial License for a Commercial Pilot

Commercial Pilot School VirginiaShould the career of a pilot spark interest, recognize that you will have to earn a commercial pilot license to be legally compensated for your work. Before participating in a commercial pilot license program, you will need to have a current private pilot license; luckily, Paragon Flight offers these programs and more.

Paragon Flight is authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 141 and 61. When participating in a Commercial Pilot Licensing program under Part 61 programs, you’ll need to document 250 hours in flight, and for a Part 141 program, the hours will drop to 190.

Don’t waste a moment when you decide the time is nigh for flight training. Call Paragon Flight at (239) 747-0056 for a collaborative meeting with the Chief Flight Instructor. This conversation will involve creating a personalized training program to accommodate financial and time constraints while accomplishing your goals.

Beautiful Southwest Florida facilitates regular training and practical experience with 350 days of flight-friendly weather and an ample supply of practice airfields. Page Field itself, the home of Paragon Flight, offers a tower-controlled runway and proximity to many accommodations both here in Fort Myers and nearby metropolises.

What to Expect from Commercial Pilot Training

When you begin a commercial pilot training program, expect at least 35 hours of ground training. These courses will explain aviation fundamentals, including safe operations, aircraft systems, procedures, aerodynamics, meteorology, and more.

Following ground training, the sky adventures begin. Bear in mind that you can choose to participate in a single- or multi-engine commercial pilot course. We’ll walk you through all of the requirements and work with you to ensure that you’re able to pass the requisite checkride at the end of the program.

One key endorsement that you’ll need is the Instrument Flight Rating. This supplement is essential to pilots who plan to carry people or cargo for a living. This rating will also allow you to fly without burdensome restrictions.

A dedication to quality, safety, and pilot experience is the hallmark of our service. Learning to fly with Paragon Flight will be pleasant and effective. We offer a one-on-one experience with a best-fit flight instructor promise.

This commitment is seen in the aircraft fleet we house. This fleet includes a Piper PA28 “Pilot,” Cessna C172S Skyhawk, Piper PA-44-180 Seminole, Cessna T182T Skylane, Cirrus SR20 G6, Cirrus SR22 G5/G6, and ALSIM AL172 Flight Simulator. Our aircraft are outfitted with glass cockpit technology and advanced avionics for a readily transferable body of knowledge.

Paragon Flight, in Fort Myers, FL, is one of the best avenues for commercial pilot school and well worth the trip from Virginia. No matter your home’s location, come to us for a superior training experience with high-end aircraft, a proven curriculum, and experienced flight instructors.