Commercial Pilot School Washington

Traveling from Washington to Florida to attend commercial pilot school at Paragon Flight is well worth the effort. We provide maximum opportunities for flight along with the premier combination of flight instructors, curriculum, and aircraft in the country.

Commercial Pilot School WashingtonParagon Flight’s flight training courses deliver on promises. We will work with you until you’re prepared to clear the requisite measurements for licensure, and each component of training that we provide is of the highest possible quality.

The commercial pilot license is required by law for pilots to collect a dime for their services. Whether you plan to dust crops for local farmers, convey cargo for package delivery, or captain an airliner for one of the major airlines, you will need to earn a commercial license, and Paragon Flight is a terrific place for this pursuit.

Maximize Your Schedule

Paragon Flight calls Page Field in Fort Myers, Florida home. As the hub of general aviation in Southwest Florida, Page Field offers access to a tower-controlled airport, several practice runways, and nearby airfields. Fort Myers is also proximal to a number of metropolises for suitable accommodations for all budgets and style preferences.

You could even bring your family to enjoy the nearby attractions while you earn your wings!

The wonderful weather that occurs over 350 days of the year allows student-pilots to maximize their opportunities for practical training. For airline pilot candidates, this feature is especially helpful since they have to log 1,500 hours, minimum.

Hard-Earned Awards and Reputation

The reputation of Paragon Flight is one that we’ve worked day after day, year after year, to deserve, and the awards that we’ve received over time reflect this diligence. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), the premiere aviation advocacy group in the country, has honored us for the quality of our efforts.

We welcome all students of aviation, no matter where they are on the ladder of preparation. From private pilot licensing to Instrument Flight rating, multi-engine rating, commercial pilot licensing, Certified Flight Instructor (I/II/MEI) licensing, and airline pilot licensing. As you work your way through the credentials your dreams require, choose Paragon Flight.

Technically Advanced Fleet of Aircraft

Training aircraft here at Paragon Flight are comprehensively considered Technically Advanced, outfitted with advanced avionics and Glass Cockpit technology. The fleet itself is made up of aircraft suitable for single-engine, multi-engine, and sport flight, as well as the advanced ALSIM AL172 Flight Simulator.

Diversely Experienced and Prepared Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs)

The flight instructors here at Paragon Flight offer a wide range of experience in different terrains, climates, and planes. We provide a best-fit match to pair your learning style and goals with the most appropriate Certified Flight Instructor. This promise will make your training experience more successful and pleasant.

Advanced and Efficient Curriculum

The Jeppesen curriculum, produced by a Boeing subsidiary, is the premier choice for flight schools. In fact, the materials and methods of the curriculum produce safe, ready pilots in 30% of the time required of the average training program in the US.