Commercial Pilot Training Fort Myers

Southwest Florida’s clear, sunny skies create an ideal atmosphere for commercial pilot training, and Paragon Flight in Fort Myers is one of the best. We offer instruction ranging from private and commercial pilot certificates to CFI certification, instrument ratings, and single- or multi-engine rating. Take an interest and turn it into a career with the excellent training you’ll receive here.

About Paragon Flight

Commercial Pilot Training Fort MyersParagon Flight offers a training fleet fully equipped for all flight instruction needs. Technically Advanced Aircraft like ours prepares our student-pilots to fly the modern equipment they’ll be flying in the future with readily transferrable skills. Our equipment includes:

  • Cessna C172S Skyhawk
  • Piper PA-44-180 Seminole
  • Cessna T182T Skylane
  • Cessna C206H Stationair
  • Cirrus SR20 G6
  • Cirrus SR22 G5/G6
  • Alsim AL172 Flight Simulator

When you’re ready to learn to fly, come to Paragon Flight to be comfortable in the safety and maintenance checks of our aircraft. Our entire fleet is thoroughly inspected and in line with FAA expectations. It’s not often you find a flight school equipped to train students in the best aircraft for the credentials being pursued.

Further evidence in our superiority lies with the accolades we’ve received from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, a well-respected aviation organization. Year after year, they’ve honored us with Flight Training Excellence Awards and for being one of the best flight schools in the United States.

Our flight training efforts are governed by the FAA through Federal Aviation Regulations, or FAR, Parts 61 and 141. Part 61 is a more flexible approach than Part 141. A Part 61 approach works when work or school conflicts with training, and a Part 141 approach is appropriate for those with full-time availability and a learning style that welcomes traditional measures of teaching.

Being a Part 61 flight school program allows us at Paragon Flight to provide an accelerated course staffed with experienced trainers and curriculum. We’re also a Part 141 flight school, so veterans interested in using military benefits to pay for training will be able to do so when they choose Paragon Flight.

At Paragon Flight, we welcome US citizens and foreign student pilots. We do require, as mandated by the FAA, documentation verifying citizenship status or TSA authorization for flight training.

A flight education isn’t a one and done. As your interests and career plans evolve, you’ll need to supplement your certificate with ratings and endorsements to permit you to fly new planes and in different conditions.

Opportunities That Come with a Commercial Pilot Certificate

A commercial pilot’s license allows a favorite pastime to become an occupation. Without this certificate, it’s illegal for a pilot to charge for carrying passengers, transporting cargo, dusting crops, hauling banners, etc. Achieving a commercial license is the first step in a professional career in aviation. Once you’ve earned this certificate, you can also pursue becoming a Certified Flight Instructor, or CFI. Just about every endorsement, certificate, and rating can be sought here at Paragon Flight.

Are you ready to step into a career as a commercial pilot? If so, pilot training is available here in Fort Myers at Paragon Flight. Feel free to schedule your training or explore your interest with a Discovery Flight. If you love your work, every day at work is loved. For more information, call (239) 274-3170.