Commercial Pilot Training in California

Are you ready to fulfill your dreams of becoming a pilot? If you are considering commercial pilot training at home in California and wondering if the travel to Florida to attend Paragon Flight is worth it, the answer is simply yes. We are the foremost flight training provider in the country for a reason.

Commercial Pilot Training in CaliforniaParagon Flight has the capacity and dedication needed to provide a unique course of training. We offer the perfect environment, weather, training program, aircraft, and trainers to help you develop flight skills no matter the rung of the ladder of aviation training you happen to be climbing.

Paragon Flight is approved by the FAA as a FAR (Federal Aviation Regulations) authorized Part 141 and Part 61 flight school. The difference between the two is that Part 141 flight schools require rigid adherence to a dictated syllabus, but Part 61 programs permit some deviation in pacing and scheduling. Our flight training programs are the best available, and we provide a range of programs including those related to private pilot licenses and commercial pilot licenses for either single or multi engine aircraft.

Custom flight training courses might sound fictitious, but they’re not. Here at Paragon Flight, we design programs around you – your schedule, your budget, your goals.

The license and the material required might be the same, but we’ll accommodate the elements of life to make it work for you. Whether you’re embarking on full-time career training or fitting in flight training during time off from your job that pays the bills, Paragon Flight can build a training program around your needs.

The finest commercial pilots come from Paragon Flight. We’ve been honored repeatedly by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), and we work hard to deserve that recognition daily.

When you decide to become a commercial pilot and are ready to begin a program, reach out by calling (239) 274-3170. Schedule a consultation with our Chief Flight Instructor to create your customized plan.

While you might not expect weather to be an issue with flight training, it is a genuine consideration. More than 350 days of the year here experiences world-class, clear, flying perfect weather.

Get your hours in faster by coming to Paragon Flight. Our curriculum will also permit faster completion.

Close to Page Field, you’ll find plenty of practice airfields, and Page Field itself is the hub of southwest Florida air travel. Accommodations in the area will work for budgets of all sizes as well.

As you learn to fly with Paragon Flight, rely on us to provide the finest curriculum and safest aircraft. The entire fleet is Technically Advanced and includes both single and multi engine aircraft. The Jeppesen flight curriculum is also the industry standard. We offer an entire training program that will provide you with faster completion without sacrificing quality.

The flight training program here at Paragon Flight will be complete. We offer thorough ground instruction with focus on aerodynamics, weather, aircraft systems, regulations, and all other information you could see on an evaluation or hear or be asked to demonstrate in a checkride.

As you plan to become a commercial pilot, travel from California to Paragon Flight in Florida for your training. We’re the closest to perfect you’ll find when perfect means customized for you without giving up one iota of quality or comprehensiveness.