Commercial Pilot Training Schools In Illinois

Participate in commercial pilot training at schools where all elements are in place, something you’ll find in Florida at Paragon Flight and won’t find elsewhere in the US, including in Illinois. We at Paragon Flight offer the optimal location for frequent practical experience and coastal scenery to make every training flight absolutely unforgettable. 

Commercial Pilot Training Schools In IllinoisThe P3 Professional Pilot Program will allow you to complete training in a streamlined, accelerated fashion that will cost less in the end for the same great training.

A commercial pilot can fill a number of roles in the marketplace. Whether you’d like to deliver passengers or packages, dust crops or tow banners, survey land or transport patients, the jobs of pilots are numerous, but you’ll need a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) to fill any of these roles.

The P3 program that we’ve created takes fewer than 10 months for a student-pilot to progress from zero experience to being a commercially certified pilot with flight instructor credentials. We prioritize quality of training over quantity, assist with securing financial resources for training, and promote the development of professional leadership characteristics.

Break Down of the P3 Timeline

  • 0-10 Weeks, Private Pilot License (PPL) – initial stage of the program and the most important, this phase teaches private pilots all of the basic information they need as well as develops leadership skills and good pilot habits.
  • 11-18 Weeks, Instrument Flight Rating (IFR) – prepares pilots to utilize and operate navigation and communication equipment and is used regularly by professional pilots.
  • 19-30 Weeks, Commercial License, Single Engine & Multi Engine (CSEL & CMEL) – master the skills needed to fly a single-engine or multi-engine aircraft as a professional.
  • 31-38 Weeks, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) – complete the program with the phase of training that allows pilots to share their skills with others. This role lets you earn a paycheck, improve your skills, and accrue flight hours. If your ultimate goal is to fly an airliner, you’ll need to log 1,500 hours in addition to earning an Airline Transport Pilot certification.

P3 Program Prerequisites for Participation

  • AGE – 18 years of age, minimum
  • EDUCATION – high school diploma or GED (college preferred)
  • REFERENCES – one personal and one professional
  • FAA RECORD – clear (no incidents, accidents, or enforcement actions)
  • FAA MEDICAL – 1st class
  • LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY – fluent and literate in English
  • AVAILABILITY – full-time (accommodates 4-5 practical flight sessions and 10-20 hours of ground training each week)
  • CHARACTER – exemplify hard working, committed, and driven nature.

Flight Training Financing

Paragon Flight’s team of experts will help you pull together a financial package to pay for your training. We can help identify the sources most appropriate for your situation – whether you qualify for student loans, grants, scholarships, veteran benefits, or personal sources of financing. Our experience allows us to put you in contact with reliable lenders with whom our students have previously had success.

Instead of hoping for quality training at schools in Illinois, come to Florida, where Paragon Flight’s commercial pilot training outshines any program you’ll find elsewhere. Explore the P3 Professional Pilot Program and any other custom created course by reaching out online by clicking here or calling our Fort Myers location at (239) 274-3170 or the one in Punta Gorda at (949) 336-7494.