Commercial Pilot Training Schools In Michigan

If you love to fly and you’d like to make a career of it, consider the kind of commercial pilot training that flight schools in Michigan can’t offer. Paragon Flight in Southwest Florida offers the best of all elements required for quality aviation education, especially the clear, sunny skies required for practical experience. The P3 Professional Pilot Program is a straightforward four-phased course for pilots to progress from zero experience to commercially licensed pilots with flight instructor credentials in 38 weeks.

The Wide Open Field of Pilot Jobs

Commercial Pilot Training Schools In MichiganAs air travel has returned to pre-pandemic levels, difficulty with staffing pilots has become a significant issue. This shortage of pilots is true for the entire occupation, and the P3 Professional Pilot Program is meant to help pilots earn their Commercial Pilot Licenses (CPL) on a shortened timeline and with less expense.

As pilots have been in short supply, their salaries have risen. Take advantage of the opportunity by participating in the P3 Program. Whether you’d like to eventually work for an airline or would prefer another role in the cockpit, every personality will find its own space in the field.

The Timeline of the P3 Professional Pilot Program

Private Pilot License (PPL), 0-10 WEEKS

Phase one of the program prepares inexperienced student-pilots to perform as certified private pilots. This stage is the most important since it provides the foundation for all flight training – best practices, good habits, and comprehensive basic skills.

Instrument Flight Rating (IFR), 11-18 WEEKS

Phase two of the P3 program prepares private pilots to use navigation and communication instruments during flight, skills that allow for greater liberties during flight and that will be used regularly during the course of professional duties.

Commercial License, Single Engine and Multi Engine (CSEL & CMEL), 19-30 WEEKS

Phase three of the program prepares pilots for commercial operations, to a level of mastery. Participants will be ready to pass the written evaluations and the checkrides to earn a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) for operations of single-engine and multi-engine aircraft.

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), 31-38 WEEKS

Phase four allows commercial pilots to operate as flight instructors. This job is a terrific opportunity for ambitious pilots as they begin their careers since they can log flight hours while perfecting their craft, sharing it with others, and earning a paycheck. Participants who complete the P3 Program receive special consideration when they apply for flight instructor positions with Paragon Flight.

This accelerated time frame means that the program’s participants need to be special, uniquely able to handle the speed and intensity of the course. Prerequisites of the P3 Program include the following:

  • 18 years old, minimum
  • One professional reference
  • One personal reference
  • High school diploma or GED (college preferred)
  • Clean Motor Vehicle Record
  • Clear criminal background check
  • Clear a cognitive and behavioral evaluation
  • Incident-, accident-, and enforcement action-free FAA record
  • FAA 1st Class Medical Certificate
  • Fluent and literate in English
  • Full-time availability for participation in 4-5 practical flight lessons and 10-20 hours of ground training each week
  • Strong moral character, integrity, hard working, and dedicated.

Don’t let finances be an impediment to your training. The team at Paragon Flight is able to help you wade through the available financial resources, identify the ones applicable to the individual student, and help with the application process.

Commercial pilot training at Paragon Flight in Southwest Florida provides the P3 Professional Pilot Program, a fast and affordable solution for aspiring pilots from Michigan and elsewhere in the US. Click here to learn more about this program or any other custom course.