Commercial Pilot Training Schools in Texas

The commercial pilot training available at flight schools in Texas pales in comparison to the quality of training that we provide at Paragon Flight in Southwest Florida. We meet the needs of every student-pilot with best-practices and programs centered around their individual needs.

Paragon Flight – A Universal Good Fit

Commercial Pilot Training Schools in TexasThe programs available at Paragon Flight deliver quality flight training. From the best instructors to the ideal weather, curriculum, and aircraft, every element of flight training is perfected here at Paragon Flight. Our operations are found in Fort Myers at Page Field (FMY) and in Punta Gorda at the Punta Gorda Airport (PGD). 

Southwest Florida’s weather welcomes practical flight training. The clear, sunny skies facilitate takeoff and landing all year long. Flight-friendly conditions are great for learning, but they also make the area ideal for flight instructors, who flock to the area and fill our applicant pool with skilled and widely experienced professionals.

The area is also rich with coastal beauty and attractions. The view from the cockpit is breathtaking, and the many cities in the area provide accommodations for all preferences and budgets.

The award-winning flight training that we provide at Paragon Flight is worth your investment. The AOPA, the leading advocate for aviation in the US, has recognized our instruction and instructors several times over the years. 

The Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) available within the fleet of Paragon Flight is fully able to prepare student-pilots for whatever license or rating they’re seeking. Glass Cockpit technology within our aircraft allows our students to become familiar with the tech used in today’s airliners. The fleet includes:

  • Primary Training Aircraft
    • Piper PA 28 “Pilot”
    • PA-44 Seminole
  • Specialty Training Aircraft
    • Cessna T182T Skylane
    • Cirrus SR20
    • Cirrus SR22 G5/G6
    • ALSIM Flight Simulator

If finances are a sticking point in your pursuit of a commercial pilot license, the team at Paragon Flight can help. We’re familiar with the financial resources available and have the skills needed to pinpoint the ones that will work for your situation. 

Paragon Flight – The P3 Professional Pilot Program

The Professional Pilot Program at Paragon Flight is designed to help inexperienced pilots progress to status as a commercial pilot with flight instructor certification in fewer than 10 months. The first 10 weeks prepares students to operate as a private pilot, culminating in a Private Pilot License (PPL). Next, pilots spend 8 weeks learning to navigate and communicate using aircraft instruments. The third phase of the program is 12 weeks long and prepares pilots for commercial pilot licensure for both single-engine and multi-engine pilots. The fourth and final phase of the P3 Program promotes these now commercial pilots to become Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs).

As an entry level commercial pilot, operating as a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) is an excellent option, and Paragon Flight gives applicants who complete our P3 Program preferential treatment. As a flight instructor, you’ll love what you do, share your skills, perfect your craft, accrue flight hours for future positions, and build a resume as a pilot.

If you’re ready for commercial pilot training, forget the schools in Texas and come to Paragon Flight in Fort Myers or Punta Gorda, Florida. Our P3 Professional Pilot Program will allow you to reach your goals faster and cheaper, or we can create a program designed around your plans and schedule. Click here to contact our team!