Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL) Training in USA

A commercial pilot’s license (CPL) is your ticket to fulfilling your passion for the sky with compensation attached, and Paragon Flight offers the stepping stones needed to reach this goal in the USA.

Commercial Pilot's License (CPL) Training in USAFlight instruction provided at Paragon Flight creates well-prepared pilots. We supply the absolute best curriculum, flight instructors, aircraft, and custom programs. Our student-centered approach leaves no element lacking.

The one-on-one training provided by the instructors at Paragon Flight is unsurpassed. We strive to provide the best-fit match regarding the instructor and the bespoke program. The Jeppesen curriculum that we use achieves readiness 30% faster than the national average.

The plans that you make to become a pilot should depend on a program of the caliber of Paragon Flight. We’ve been repeatedly honored by the AOPA, or Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

The primary airport in Southwest Florida, Page Field in Fort Myers, FL, is home to Paragon Flight. This area offers flight-friendly weather more than 350 days of the year as well as a plethora of accommodations and attractions.

At Paragon Flight, we provide experienced and proven Certified Flight Instructors. Pilots flock to Florida like bees to pollen, so we have the ability to cast a wide net and choose the absolute best instructors to staff our ranks.

The commercial program that you want to pursue will require that you complete programs to achieve a private pilot license, a commercial pilot license, an instrument rating, and a multi-engine rating. You can also choose to become a Certified Flight Instructor (I/II/MEI). We offer every element needed to achieve each of these credentials.

A flight school should have all of the aircraft required to meet the needs of students, and Paragon Flight does. Our aircraft fleet includes only Technically Advanced aircraft complete with advanced avionics and Glass Cockpit Technology. The aircraft include the following models: C172S Skyhawk, PA-44 Seminole, Cessna T182T Skylane, Cirrus SR20, Cirrus SR22 G5/G6, and ALSIM Flight Simulator.

The instruction that you’ll receive at Paragon Flight will prepare you for a life as a commercial pilot. From the point of earning this license, you can then choose the direction to go whether that’s becoming an airline pilot, a cargo pilot, a contract pilot, banner tower, or crop duster. Your occupational opportunities will be wide open.

Keep Time and Money from Standing in the Way

Once we reach a certain point in adulthood, we believe that the opportunity for further training has passed. This myth can stand in the way of your dreams, but you shouldn’t let it. Paragon Flight has dual Part 61 and Part 141 authorizations, so we are able to personalize your course or provide a full-time strict course.

The financial aspects of Paragon Flight instruction are also common impediments to training, but it doesn’t have to be. Our custom programs take as little time and money as possible, and we’re happy to provide you with financing contacts that our students typically choose.

Commercial pilot’s license (CPL) training in the USA is best pursued with Paragon Flight. We are a premier provider of training for those who’d like to trade an office for the cockpit. The process will begin with a pre-assessment to verify your potential aptitude, followed by the creation of a custom program, and then an onboarding meeting to begin your adventure.