Cost to Get Pilot’s License in Florida

Do you dream of one day becoming a pilot? If you’re wondering about the cost to get a pilot’s license in Florida, consider the affordability balanced with superior flight training available here at Paragon Flight.

Info about Paragon Flight

Cost to Get Pilot's License in FloridaParagon Flight is a firmly established flight institution known for producing some of the best pilots in the country. During our training, pilots fly some of the premiere aircraft in existence, outfitted with G1000 Avionics and classified as Technically Advanced Aircraft.

The AOPA, or Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, has recognized Paragon Flight several times throughout the years for being one of the best flight schools in the entire United States. We have high standards that manifest quality experiences for our student-pilots.

Page Field (FMY), in Fort Myers, FL, is our home base. This airport is the primary space for aviation in Southwest Florida, providing access to Fort Myers, Pine Island, Bonita Springs, and more. We’re in close proximity to several cities in the region and offer easy access to accommodations that will fit every budget.

Governed by Parts 61 and 141 of Federal Aviation Regulations, Paragon Flight is able to provide the flexible structure of a Part 61 program or the strict structure of a Part 141 school. Vets who’d like to take advantage of GI Bill funds must attend a Part 141 flight institution.

Costs for Learning to Fly

Flight school costs can range from $8k to $15. The scope of difference depends on the school, aircraft used for training, quality of instructors, location, and period of instruction. Your costs will increase with the loftiness of your goals, but they’re worth pursuing!

Training Equipment – Aircraft is an expensive investment for flight training institutions. Prospective pilots often find that flight schools lack quality aircraft, and multi-engine students may have difficulty logging flight hours. Not so with Paragon Flight. We house a fleet of top-quality Technically Advanced Aircraft and simulators to provide the best practical experience for our students, and the cost is worth every penny of safety and skill the investment brings.

Ground Training – Learning about the aircraft that you intend to operate is an obviously critical part of flight training. This area instructs pilots regarding aircraft systems, aerodynamics, federal regs, etc. Paragon Flight utilizes a computer-based program of instruction widely considered to be one of the most effective and efficient in the world.

Flight Time – Logging flight time is another required component of flight instruction. The national average of flight hours for earning a private pilot license is around 60 hours while the FAA requires 40 hours for Part 61 authorized schools. You will generally be required to rent the aircraft, pay for fuel, and compensate your instructor whenever you log flight hours, making this portion of training a significant expense.

At Paragon Flight, we personalize the approach to flight instruction. The time, and the money, you invest will depend on your aviation plans. The amount of time you spend in instruction, flight, etc. will affect the costs. We’ll provide you with sufficient instruction and training in the shortest amount of time to save you as much as possible.

If you’re wondering how much it will cost to get a pilot’s license in Florida and how to finance it, call Paragon Flight by dialing (239) 274-3170. We’ll be happy to walk you through a breakdown of the costs and put you in touch with financial resources should you require it.