FAA Approved Flight Schools In USA

Among the FAA-approved flight schools in the USA, you won’t find a more committed, comprehensive, and custom option than Paragon Flight. Our award-winning, renowned training programs lead aspiring pilots to pursue flight for fun or as a career. 

FAA Approved Flight Schools In USAParagon Flight is an FAA-authorized flight school operating under Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Parts 61 and 141. Part 61 flight programs can be highly individualized, allowing student pilots to pursue flight training despite having occupational and family obligations. Full-time students, international students, and students with veteran benefits or federal student loans should attend a Part 141 program.

With both guidelines governing our efforts, we at Paragon Flight can provide a personalized flight instruction program. We can provide guidance on the easiest steps to your goals and point you toward the best avenues for financing. We’ll help design a course around your experience, objectives, finances, available time, and more. To arrange the perfect schedule for you, speak with the Head Flight Instructor.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) is the leading advocacy group for aviators in the US. Recognition from this group means a great deal, and we’re proud to have been honored by them repeatedly over the years for the quality of our flight instructors and the instruction we provide.

Award-Winning Components of Flight Instruction

The location of Paragon Flight is a key feature that our students find beneficial. First, we call Page Field (FMY), the primary airport of Southwest Florida, home. This facility provides our student pilots with a tower-controlled runway and plenty of space for practical training.

Second, the location is near several metropolises, opening up your choices of accommodations and your companions’ options for entertainment if you plan to make an experience of the program.

Finally, and most importantly, our location has flight-perfect weather over 350 days of the year! Our student pilots can accrue flight hours and perfect their skills without delay or canceled sessions.

Paragon Flight supplies student pilots with the best possible aircraft, curriculum, and flight instructors.

All our aircraft are Technically Advanced (TAA), equipped with Glass Cockpit avionics, and cared for to an incredibly high standard by FAA-approved mechanics. Our fleet includes:

  • Primary Training Aircraft
    • Piper PA28 “Pilot”
    • C172S Skyhawk
    • PA-44 Seminole
  • Specialty Training Aircraft
    • Cessna T182T Skylane
    • Cirrus SR20
    • Cirrus SR22 G5/G6
    • ALSIM Flight Simulator

The curriculum we employ at Paragon Flight is designed by a subsidiary of Boeing, Jeppesen. The Jeppesen curriculum is proven to produce pilots 30% faster than the national average, and we’re proud to use this comprehensive program with our students.

Guiding the training here at Paragon Flight are some of the world’s best Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs). Being a popular area with pilots, we have no shortage of well-qualified, experienced applicants, so we’re able to provide a diverse range of flight instructors for a best-fit match for our student pilots.

Paragon Flight is one of the best FAA-approved flight schools in the USA. Whether you’re a US citizen or an international student on an M-1 visa, come to Fort Myers, FL, to participate in any of our programs or a custom one designed to fit your needs. If you have questions, booking needs, or want to discuss financing options, call (239) 274-3170 or click here to contact us online.