FAA Pilot Certification in Fort Myers, Florida

FAA Pilot Certification in Fort Myers, FloridaThe Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has different requirements for licensure or certification depending on which aircraft you intend to fly, and your FAA-issued pilot license is proof that you are privileged to fly these specific aircraft.

The experienced flight instructors at Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, Florida, an FAA-approved flight training center, can assist you with the necessary training for all of them. We have the staff, the aircraft, the facilities and the training know-how to help you obtain your recreational or commercial pilot certification.

The FAA certification “privilege levels” are:

  • Student Pilot – a student of a flight instructor who has very limited authorization to fly solo;
  • Sport Pilot – an aviator who is certified only for light sport aircraft;
  • Recreational Pilot – an aviator who is certified to fly 4-seat planes up to 180 horsepower only for pleasure, and only in the daytime;
  • Private Pilot – an aviator who is certified to fly day or night for pleasure or business, but who generally flies without compensation; an instrument rating can be added;
  • Commercial Pilot – an aviator who is permitted to fly for compensation, although there are some restrictions; an instrument rating can be added;
  • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) – an aviator who is permitted to fly planes for scheduled commercial airlines

There are tests you must pass to obtain your FAA pilot license. In addition to your training with a certified instructor and accumulation of required flying time, you must pass a three-part exam. The FAA knowledge test, also known as the “written test”, is a multiple choice test. The FAA practical test, also known as a “check ride”, includes an oral test and a flight test in the plane. It has to be performed by an FAA inspector or examiner to make sure you have met all of the FAA’s standards and have sufficient aeronautical knowledge.

Due to the stringent FAA requirements, it’s very important to get your pilot training at a certified flight school such as Paragon Flight. FAA-certified flight schools offer a structured training course that has been approved by the FAA. And before you can take the FAA knowledge test, a ground or flight instructor must sign off and insure that you received the proper training with accurate logbook endorsements. If, during the practical test, the FAA determines that you have not gained all of the necessary skills associated with a privilege level, they may place limitations on your pilot certificate.

Paragon Flight’s staff includes nationally accredited Master Instructors and Gold Seal Flight Instructors who have been recognized for their commitment to safety and quality. They have passed all mandatory written and flight skills tests. These expert instructors will not only teach you to fly but will make sure you have studied the FAA Practical Test Standards and completed the FAA test prep.

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To get started on obtaining your desired pilot license or certification, call us today at (239) 274-3170 to schedule a private consultation with our Chief Flight Instructor. During your consultation, you can discuss your experience and what you hope to accomplish. The instructor will provide different program options and a price quote for the program you select.

Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, Florida, is one of the top FAA-approved flight training centers in the nation. Whether you are coming over to us from somewhere else in Florida, such as Naples, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota or Jacksonville, we provide you with an excellent training location where our sunny climate allows you to fly throughout the year. With easy access to airports and practice areas, Paragon’s experienced and enthusiastic flight instructors will provide you with advanced training techniques, some of the finest equipment in the industry, and unsurpassed customer satisfaction.