Flight Lessons In Port Charlotte, Florida

Paragon Flight’s flight lessons ensure FAA-authorized training that will meet all requirements and thoroughly prepare pilot candidates in Port Charlotte, Florida for written tests and check rides as they work toward becoming personal or commercial pilots. 

Flight Lessons In Port Charlotte, FloridaOne of the leading flight schools in the entire United States, Paragon Flight can provide the perfect program to meet your circumstances, goals, and schedule. For professionally minded students, we offer the P3 Program, an accelerated, full-time course for pilots to secure their commercial license and flight instructor certification within 10 months. All students won’t meet the requirements for this program, though. Some, for example, will lack the availability required. For these students, we can design a personalized journey that will get them to their goal, just on a different timeline.

The flight training that we provide can suit training needs of those interested in flight for personal, professional, government, or military purposes.

Learning to fly with Paragon Flight means learning to fly with an expert Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). Being located in pilot paradise means that we have a flight instructor team full of different backgrounds and experiences, and we’re able to leverage this diversity for the benefit of our students.

The climate of Southwest Florida contributes greatly to its existence as prime real estate for pilots. The weather is ideal for flight more than 350 days of the year, so our student-pilots have no impediments to training related to conditions. Less time equals less money when it comes to flight training, and we offer the ALSIM 172 Flight Simulator to save even more.

The simulator that we offer is an important tool for pilots in training. By using this uber-realistic simulator, you can accrue hours toward your flight requirement and save money without sacrificing any of the effectiveness of the experience. 

The whole of our fleet is qualified as Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA), equipped with Glass Cockpit tech and advanced avionics. With modern equipment in the training aircraft that we use, we can better prepare our students for their aviation futures. The models within our fleet are appropriate for the training provided. Primarily, we use the Piper PA28 “Pilot” for single-engine training and the PA-44 Seminole for multi-engine training, but we also provide the Cirrus SR20 for primary flight training, transition and differences training, high performance endorsements, and single or multi-day rental.

Paragon Flight’s flight training will surpass all of the expectations that you have of the experience. We offer beautifully maintained aircraft for training, prepared and experienced flight instructors, world-class curriculum, and modern facilities in a beautiful environment.

Interested, but unsure of financing? Reach out to our team. We have years of experience working with various lenders in the area, and we understand how to work through the application process for scholarships, grants, student loans, and more. Take advantage of our experience by securing help finding and applying for the most suitable financial resources.

In Port Charlotte, Florida, the best source for flight lessons awaits you at Paragon Flight. We have two locations for service: one in Fort Myers at Page Field (FMY) and the other in Punta Gorda at Punta Gorda Airport (PGD). These locations provide tower-controlled runways and practice fields for training in an area where the conditions permit constant access to practical experiences. Click here to contact us online and create the ideal plan for your aviation goals!