Flight Lessons St. Petersburg, FL

This is your sign to sign up for flight lessons at the Paragon Flight location in Punta Gorda near St. Petersburg, FL. A customized program created and implemented by our team will lead you toward realizing your aviation dreams.

Flight Lessons St. Petersburg, FLParagon Flight operates under the FAA’s Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Parts 141 and 61. Operating under both sets of regulations allows us to design programs that precisely suit our students’ situations. Ready to experience the best in aviation instruction? Come to Paragon Flight.

Why Paragon Flight?

Paragon Flight deserves to be your choice of flight school for various reasons – the location, in particular.

The weather in Southwest Florida offers perfect conditions for flights over 350 days of the year! Without weather-related groundings, our student pilots have more opportunities to accumulate the flight hours necessary to qualify for licensing. These conditions also allow us to provide more intensive, accelerated programs – like the P3 Professional Pilot Program that permits novices to progress to certified commercial pilots for single-engine and multi-engine aircraft with flight instructor certification within 38 weeks.

Repeatedly honored by the AOPA, or Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Paragon Flight works to provide student-centered, safe, fun, and effective flight instruction. We are members of the  National Association of Flight Instructors and the FAA FAASTeam Program. To achieve our goals, we focus on four basic tenets:

  • Customer satisfaction – providing the best quality experience
  • Loyalty – continuous provision of the best services
  • Trust – integrity, professionalism, and hard work serve as the foundation for all customer relationships
  • Unbreakable guarantee – unsatisfied students receive our best efforts to correct the situation.

Beyond a solid commitment to customers and a terrific location, we follow through with a superior fleet of aircraft, a world-class curriculum, and premier flight instructors.

The TAA (Technically Advanced Aircraft) fleet of aircraft that we utilize for training includes the ideal, standard options, including the Piper PA28 “Pilot” for single-engine training and PA-44 Seminole for multi-engine training alongside the Cirrus SR20 and ALSIM Flight Simulator for specialty training.

The Jeppesen curriculum that we rely upon allows us to provide a complete curriculum for our students – primarily computer-based, along with all manuals. The instructors here are equally able. They have diverse experiences and a solid commitment to producing stellar aviators.

Take a Discovery Flight

Unsure if you want to sign up for an entire course or dip your toe into the world of flight lessons? Choose a Discovery Flight with Paragon Flight. As a gift for yourself or someone who seems to have it all, this experience is unforgettable. You’ll enjoy a mini-flight lesson, facility tour, and a flight where you’ll get to take control and see what it’s like behind the cockpit. The time you spend in the sky will count toward your clocked flight time if you continue training.

As you fly, you’ll enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable and experience the excitement of reaching atmospheric heights.

If you know you’re ready to fully immerse yourself into learning to fly, schedule a consultation to create a custom instruction program. We’ll consider the parameters of finances, time, and ambitions.

For flight lessons near St. Petersburg, FL, come to the Punta Gorda location of Paragon Flight for a flexible and high-quality experience.