Flight School Financing

Money can often stand in the way of our dreams. If financing is the primary challenge keeping you from attending flight school, contact Paragon Flight ASAP. Our P3 Professional Pilot Program is condensed, requiring less time and money, and we prioritize helping pilot candidates find and secure available resources to pay for their aviation education.

Flight School FinancingOther flight schools may be ill-prepared to help you attain the credentials they claim to provide. Conditions may prevent frequent flight time; the aircraft may be inappropriate or unavailable; and the instructors or curriculum may be deficient. None of these issues arise at Paragon Flight.

Paragon Flight has the best aircraft for our various programs, the world-class Jeppesen curriculum, highly experienced flight instructors, and dual authorizations under Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 61 and 141.

In Southwest Florida, Fort Myers’s airport Page Field is the center of flight travel, and Page Field is the home of Paragon Flight. Here, we have easy access to a tower-controlled runway and practice airfields, and the fantastic weather is conducive to safe takeoff and landing all year long!

Clearly, the faster you can complete your training, the less expensive your training will be. The P3 Professional Pilot Program considers this fact and can guide students from zero prior experience to a commercially licensed flight instructor in fewer than ten months.

  • 0-10 Weeks Private Pilot License (PPL) – the best practices, good habits, and basic knowledge needed for all further aviation training
  • 11-18 Weeks Instrument Flight Rating (IFR) – training in avionics, radios, communication, and navigation systems for flight in various conditions. These skills are essential for every type of commercial pilot role.
  • 19-30 Weeks Commercial License, Single Engine and Multi-Engine (CSEL and CMEL) – necessary for making a living with flight services, this training prepares you for the high standards of commercial pilots
  • 31-38 Weeks Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) – working as a flight instructor lets pilots hone their skills, share their love of flight with others, and accrue the necessary flight hours for future jobs – all while making a living in the cockpit.

You should expect to be available, dedicated, and driven to complete training this quickly. The requirements for the program are stringent because it takes determination and hard work to succeed.

Prerequisites for the P3 Professional Pilot Program:

  • 18 years old minimum
  • High school graduate or GED recipient (some college experience preferred)
  • Character references (One personal and one professional)
  • Clean MVR (Motor Vehicle Record)
  • Clean criminal background check
  • Pass a cognitive and behavioral measurement
  • Clean FAA record
  • 1st Class FAA Medical Certificate holder
  • Fluent and literate English speaker, writer, reader, and listener
  • Fully available (participate in 4-5 practical flight lessons and 10-20 hours of ground training each week)
  • Person of integrity, moral strength, ambition, and work ethic

Potential Financing Solutions

Helping pilot candidates find financing assistance is one of the key priorities of the P3 Professional Pilot Program. The other two key priorities include quality over quantity and professional development.

For flight school financing, contact Paragon Flight. We can help find and secure resources, including scholarships, student loans, grants, and personal loans. Allow our team to help you reach your goals with our P3 Professional Pilot Program, and begin the journey by reaching out online or calling us at (239)747-0056.