Flight School for Private Pilot License

Looking for a great gift idea or considering checking off another item on your bucket list? Paragon Flight is an excellent school for those who wish to prepare for earning a Private Pilot License (PPL). We offer stellar facilities and practice features along with outstanding components of flight training programs.

Flight School for Private Pilot LicenseThe initial credential that pilots earn is the Private Pilot License (PPL). With training for this license, pilots establish good habits and an understanding of aviation that will carry them throughout their future pursuits. We at Paragon Flight break down the Private Pilot License (PPL) training into four modules:

  • Starting Point – Discovery Introduction Flight and On-Boarding Meeting – The initial “mini-lesson” allows you to learn what to expect from flight training and flying with a certified flight instructor (CFI). You’ll then consult with the team to establish guidelines for your training.
  • Stage One – Fundamentals of Flight Training (20-30 hours of flight) – Introduction to all aviation basics, including:
    • Terminology
    • Flight principles
    • Airport operations and airspace
    • Radio and communications
    • Weather conditions
    • FAA regulations and rules
    • Checklist application
    • Flight maneuvers – takeoff and landing.
  • Stage Two – Advanced/Solo Flight Training (10-15 hours of flight) – promotes the development of flight skills, including landing and cross-country navigation.
  • Stage Three – Evaluation (10-15 hours of flight time) – completes last solo flights and prepares for FAA check ride.

All stages culminate with a “check-in” to ensure that participants are ready to progress to the next step.

Paragon Flight’s long history of success is evident in the awards we have won over the years and our continued expansion. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has honored us many times over the years, and we have three flight school locations to serve our clients better – two in Florida and one in Georgia.

Whether you are beginning your aviation adventure with a Discovery Flight or working toward commercial licensure, Paragon Flight will meet your needs fully and appropriately. We provide our students with the ideal environment, facilities, aircraft, curriculum, and trainers.

The conditions at all of our locations welcome regular flight practice, including runways, practice fields, and modern advances, and the weather is flight-ready at least 300 days a year. With more opportunities to get in the sky, our students complete training faster.

The curriculum that we use also promotes faster completion. The Jeppesen curriculum is produced by a Boeing subsidiary and is proven to offer ready pilots 30% faster than the national average. Providing this instruction are the best flight instructors available. We have an incredible pool of applicants from which we can offer diversely qualified teachers.

Our fleet of aircraft is equally impressive, fully equipped with Glass cockpit technology and advanced avionics. The Piper PA28 “Pilot” is our single-engine trainer, and the PA-44 Seminole is used for multi-engine training. The Cirrus SR20 is also within our fleet and used for primary instruction, transition and differences training, high-performance endorsements, and rentals. We even offer an ALSIM AL172 Flight Simulator with a replica cockpit for readily transferable and affordable training experiences.

Are you considering flight school for your Private Pilot License (PPL) training? Click here to explore the potential courses at Paragon Flight, or reach out via phone by calling our Fort Myers location at (239) 747-0056, the Punta Gorda location at (941) 900-3131, or the LaGrange, GA, location at (706) 903-9337.