Flight School in USA For International Students

International students interested in coming to the USA for flight school will find a welcoming and proficient program of instruction at Paragon Flight. We’ll design a course of study to meet your aviation goals in the shortest amount of time and with the smallest expense.

Flight School in USA For International StudentsParagon Flight is a distinguished flight training institution operating out of Page Field in Fort Myers, Florida. We have an established history of success with many satisfied, loyal clients and numerous accolades received over the years from the AOPA, otherwise known as the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. The customer service and remarkable instruction we provide have earned us these demonstrations of success, and we aim to continue providing top-level service and training.

We Have the Required Authorizations

The FAA governs flight schools through Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 61 and 141. Most flight schools are authorized under either one or the other. Paragon Flight is proud to be authorized under both. Having this status makes it possible for us to provide high quality training fast. International students are generally required to participate in a Part 141 program governed by the Department of Homeland Security.

Preparations for International Students

International students will need to secure the appropriate approvals prior to participate in flight training. Pilots who aren’t United States citizens will need to present an M-1 student visa rather than a B-1/B-2 visa. If non-citizens have permanent residency, they won’t need an M-1 visa, but they will need to verify TSA authorization before training begins.

When applying for your M-1 student visa, you’ll need Paragon Flight, or another institution, to issue Form I-20. We offer clear instructions and the required online forms. Feel free to reach out with any assistance you might need.

Housing and Employment

Two areas of particular interest to international students are places to stay and possibilities of employment. While housing is not included as part of our pricing, we’re near many different types of accommodations suitable for all budgets. You’ll not be allowed to perform work while in the US on an M-1 visa, so be sure to have financial security before making plans to come to Paragon Flight.

Why Come to Paragon Flight in Particular?

Paragon Flight has welcomed hundreds of international students from around the world, and they come here because of the instruction we offer.

Instruction starts with location. We operate out of the primary airport in Southwest Florida, enjoying an above average number of sunny days per year and proximity to several cities. You’ll have an abundance of choice in terms of accommodations and attractions while participating in flight training here.

Aircraft, Certified Flight Instructors, curriculum, and systems are the essential elements of flight training.

Paragon Flight employs superior aircraft for training, and each of them is designated a Technically Advanced Aircraft because it includes Garmin 1000 Avionics. We have, in-house, single-engine, multi-engine, and specialty craft for training.

Our instructors are selected from the best instructors in the country. Every one of our student-pilots enjoys the attention of an experienced instructor capable of providing the required training. We use a superior, computer-based system of instruction to facilitate more affordable, faster training.

Paragon Flight is the right choice for international students who’d like to attend a flight school in the USA. To speak with our staff about the possibilities, call (239) 274-3170.