Flight Schools With Financing

Are you looking for flight schools with financing solutions? Paragon Flight’s P3 Professional Pilot Program encourages pilots to complete training faster and more affordably than other options, and our team has a broad degree of experience helping pilot candidates identify financial options and secure the ones that are right for their situations.

Flight Schools With FinancingParagon Flight’s dual authorization as a Part 141 and Part 61 flight school allows us to offer greater access to financial resources and a diversity of training programs. 

Finances prevent too many pilot hopefuls from achieving their dreams. We at Paragon Flight recognize this problem, so we consider providing students with assistance to find the right financial package to be an essential part of our process. Typical options may include any of the following:

  • Traditional student loans
  • Grants
  • Aviation scholarships
  • Personal lending
  • Much more

The financial assistance portion of the P3 program is just one leg of the footstool. We also prioritize quality of training over quantity and the development of leadership skills.

P3 Training Timeline

The Professional Pilot Program (P3) breaks down into four phases over the course of 38 weeks:

  • WEEKS 0-10 – Private Pilot License (PPL)
    • Foundational basis for all flight training
    • Focus on best practices, good habits, safety, and skill
  • WEEKS 11-18 – Instrument Flight Rating (IFR)
    • Mastering the use of communication and navigational equipment
    • Essential to commercial flight
  • WEEKS 10-30 – Commercial License, Single Engine & Multi Engine (CSEL & CMEL)
    • Mastering single-engine and multi-engine flight to a rigorous standard of excellence
    • Legally necessary for acceptance of compensation for flight services
  • WEEKS 31-38 – Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)
    • Typical first step for career pilots
    • Flight instructors can perfect their skills, accrue flight time for future endeavors, and make a living doing what they love

This timeframe may expedite training, but it doesn’t skimp when it comes to quality. The rigor of the program demands a particular type of participant – one with good character, integrity, drive, and work ethic. Additional prerequisites include:

  • AGE – 18 years old
  • EDUCATION – High school graduate or GED recipient (college preferred)
  • CHARACTER REFERENCES – one personal, one professional
  • FAA RECORD – clean
  • LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY – fluent and literate English communicator
  • AVAILABILITY – full-time to accommodate 4-5 flight lessons and 10-20 hours of ground training each week

P3 Training Environment

With a specialized course for overcoming the typical obstacles to training like time and money, the setting for training should also accommodate speed and affordability of training. 

Paragon Flight operates out of Page Field, the veritable center of air travel in Southwest Florida. As such, we have the modern features and convenient access to practice fields and a tower-controlled runway needed for comprehensive practical training.

Furthermore, the weather in this beautiful part of the world welcomes flight at all times throughout the year. Without obstacles from weather, Paragon Flight students enjoy regular practice time and complete their training faster. 

When an area is perfect for air travel, an abundance of Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) is sure to follow. Out of this wealth, we’re able to choose the very best for our students, providing a match for personality, learning style, and experience.

Flight schools like Paragon Flight, that provide help with financing, quality training, top-notch flight training essentials, and more can help students achieve their goals. Discover more about our programs today by calling (239) 274-3170 or clicking here to contact us online.