Flight Training St. Petersburg, FL

Prepare for the cockpit with flight training at the Punta Gorda Paragon Flight location near St. Petersburg, FL. Just as with any of life’s adventures, preparation should be with the best possible provider of instruction. Paragon Flight operates under FAA Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Parts 61 and 141. We enjoy repeated recognition as a Distinguished Flight School by the AOPA, or Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, and demonstrate a constant commitment to our students’ experiences and successes.

Flight Training St. Petersburg, FLStudent pilots at Paragon Flight have 350 of 365 days each year (or more) to spend in the air. Pursue your private or commercial pilot license on your own schedule and with superior elements.

Our menu of flight training programs is fairly comprehensive, including Private Pilot Licensing (PPL), Instrument Flight Rating (IFR), Multi-Engine Training (MEL), Cirrus Certified Aircraft Training, and Glass Cockpit Training for personal pursuits; Commercial Single-Engine and Multi-Engine License (CSEL & CMEL) Training and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI, CFII, MEI) Training for professionals; and Initial Flight Orientation (IFO), Single Engine Recurrent Training (SERT), Rotary Wing to Fixed Wing Transition Training, and Aircraft Transitions and Differences Training for military and government purposes.

The area where we operate provides excellent weather conditions for flight training, but it also offers impressive facilities. Many practice fields and runways allow for comprehensive practice scenarios, and you’ll enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery, smaller islands in the Caribbean, and prominent attractions in the area – all incredible when viewed from the cockpit.

As you narrow down your flight school options, prioritize curriculum and instruction. We’re proud to be among the select flight schools empowered with Jeppesen’s curriculum. With Boeing as a parent company, Jeppesen is well-versed in aviation, and their curriculum is the best in the industry. We provide the computer-based training, manuals, and other components needed to complete each course.

Providing the training at Paragon Flight are superior and experienced flight instructors. Our staff consists of professionals with varying backgrounds and specialties. Certified flight instructors come in three categories – those with single-engine credentials, multi-engine credentials, and instrument rating credentials (CFI, MEI, and CFII). No matter the program you have in mind, we’ll have a highly experienced and qualified flight instructor at your disposal. We teach to mastery; you need not worry that we’ll dial in the training and disregard your concerns or learning style.

With the best curriculum and instructors in the world, of course, we also incorporate the best training aircraft into our programs. For primary training, we employ the Piper PA28 “Pilot” and the PA-44 Seminole, and for specialty training, we have the Cirrus SR20 and the ALSIM Flight Simulator.

Whether you’re interested in an initial Discovery Flight or the intensive and fast-paced P3 Professional Pilot Program, contact the Chief Flight Instructor to arrange a bespoke program for your individual situation. We take a collaborative approach to planning – considering your goals, availability, and financial limitations.

We can also help you in your search for appropriate financing. Traditional students may qualify for federal, state, or local grants, aviation scholarships, or even student loans; veterans may be eligible for GI benefits; and non-traditional students will find that we have contacts in the lending sector that offer friendlier terms to pilot hopefuls.

Pursue flight training at the leading source near St. Petersburg, FL: Paragon Flight!