Flight Training Tampa

Flight training may be the ticket to realizing your dreams of working as a pilot, or it may be the perfect holiday gift for that loved one who has everything. No matter the reason you’re seeking flight training in Tampa, head south in your search to discover Paragon Flight in Fort Myers. You won’t be disappointed in the friendliness, service, or quality of the experience we provide.

Flight Training TampaThe beauty and sunny, clear skies of Fort Myers make our location ideal for flight training, but Page Field also offers an onsite tower-controlled runway and numerous practice fields and local runways. Our students have no difficulty reaching flight when the urge strikes. We’re near all price ranges and preferences regarding accommodations and within driving distance of many attractions as well.

Authorized by the FAA under FAR guidances Parts 141 and 61, Paragon Flight is able to meet the needs of aspiring pilots with full-time availability, financing that requires Part 141 participation, and learning styles that require structure, but we can also welcome pilots with established careers and family obligations who have to carve out short periods of time or attend part time through our Part 61 individualized approach.

No matter the type of flight school program you choose, the check ride and license reached at the end will be the same with the same rigor and privileges, respectively.

Pilots come to Paragon Flight for flight training programs that will perfectly suit their lifestyles and ambitions. We provide training for the completely inexperienced – beginning with a private pilot license. From there, pilots can choose to add on an instrument rating, pursue a commercial pilot license (single or multi-engine), become a flight instructor, or even earn an airline transport pilot certification.

Learning to fly is a two-part process: know-how and skill. Pilots need to understand how the aircraft work and the consequences of various interactions with the environment, but knowing these elements isn’t enough. Pilots must be able to react appropriately to remain safe. Every program that we provide has a ground component, where pilots learn the information required, and the practical component, when pilots practice, and practice, and practice some more. Your flight instructor will work with you until you’re ready to fly safely and pass your check ride.

The time that you spend in the sky will be spent in a safe and Technically Advanced Aircraft. Our entire fleet is outfitted with advanced avionics and Glass Cockpit technology so that the skills learned will readily transfer to the aircraft flown in future endeavors. Whether your ambitions lead you to becoming a sport pilot, single-engine pilot, or multi-engine pilot, we have the ideal models for your practical experiences.

Yet another advantage that our students have is the curriculum that we utilize. Few flight schools are deemed worthy of the Jeppesen curriculum, but Paragon Flight has partnered with the company, a subsidiary of Boeing, to train pilots with the world’s foremost training materials and software, proven to produce complete, safe pilots 30% faster than the national average.

Last but certainly not least, let’s discuss the financial aspect of flight training for those traveling from Tampa to Fort Myers. We recognize that the investment is just that, an investment, not a discretionary expense. To discuss your budget, goals, available financial options, and more, call our team at (239)747-0056 or follow this link to contact us online.