Flight Training Venice, FL

Flight training at Paragon Flight provides pilot hopefuls near Venice, FL, exceptional experiences and results. Come to us for the level of training that you desire, and you won’t be disappointed. We have two locations for your convenience – one at Page Field (FMY) in Fort Myers and the other at Punta Gorda Airport (PGD) in Punta Gorda.

Flight Training Venice, FLThe priority for Paragon Flight is producing ready, safe pilots, and to accomplish our mission, we invest in perfecting every element of flight training – including instructors, facilities, equipment, curriculum, and customized programs.

Consider the climate of this area when you determine where you should go for flight training. We can provide training opportunities, uninterrupted by inclement weather, 350+ days of the year. The perfect weather conditions make Southwest Florida prime real estate for pilots – of all levels of experience.

In a world of premiere pilots, Paragon Flight enjoys an abundance of diverse Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) for our students. We’ll pair your goals, schedule, personality, and learning style with the ideal flight instructor for your training.

You’ll also train in the most appropriate equipment for your flight instruction. Single-engine training will take place primarily in the Piper PA28 “Pilot,” and multi-engine training occurs in the industry’s standard PA-44 Seminole. For primary training, high-performance endorsements, and transitions/differences training, we offer the Cirrus SR20, and this model is available for rental from Paragon Flight. To save our students time and cash, we also provide the ultra-realistic ALSIM Flight Simulator.

In addition to custom programs, simulator use, and expert instructors, we also utilize the Jeppesen curriculum, developed by a Boeing subsidiary. This system is computer based and proven to produce results 30% faster than the national average.

Flight Training Opportunities at Paragon Flight

We provide a plethora of flight training opportunities for those interested in aviation for personal, commercial, or military purposes. Consider the full range of training we provide.

Personal Pilot Training Pursuits

  • PRIVATE PILOT LICENSE (PPL) TRAINING – prepares pilots for single-engine flight in clear conditions
  • INSTRUMENT FLIGHT RATING (IFR) TRAINING – prepares pilots to fly in conditions that require the use of navigation and communication equipment
  • MULTI-ENGINE LICENSE (MEL) TRAINING – prepares pilots for multi-engine flight
  • CIRRUS CERTIFIED AIRCRAFT TRAINING – prepares pilots to fly Cirrus SR series in VFR conditions
  • GLASS COCKPIT TRAINING – prepares pilots to fly using basic Garmin Glass Cockpit tech

Commercial Pilot Training Pursuits

  • COMMERCIAL SINGLE-ENGINE LICENSE (CSEL) TRAINING – prepares pilots to fly single-engine aircraft professionally
  • COMMERCIAL MULTI-ENGINE LICENSE (CMEL) TRAINING – prepares pilots to fly multi-engine aircraft professionally
  • CERTIFIED FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR (CFI) – prepares pilots to train new single-engine pilots
  • CERTIFIED FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR – INSTRUMENT TRAINING (CFII) – prepares pilots to train other pilots to use instruments for communication and navigation
  • CERTIFIED FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR – MULTI-ENGINE TRAINING (MEI) – prepares pilots to train others to fly multi-engine aircraft

Military Pilot Training Pursuits

  • INITIAL FLIGHT ORIENTATION (IFO) – prepares recruits for initial flight training during basic training
  • SINGLE-ENGINE RECURRENT TRAINING (SERT) – scenario-based training to promote crew coordination, cooperation, awareness, and safety
  • ROTARY-WING TO FIXED-WING TRANSITION TRAINING – prepares military and civilian helicopter pilots to operate as airline pilots
  • AIRCRAFT TRANSITION AND DIFFERENCES TRAINING – prepares pilots to operate different aircraft

Call Paragon Flight at (941) 336-7494 for our Punta Gorda location or at (239) 747-0056 for our Fort Myers location to discuss your future aviation plans, or you may click here to contact us online.