Fort Myers Flight Lessons

If your dream is to become a licensed pilot, consider taking flight lessons in Fort Myers, Florida, at Paragon Flight.

Paragon Flight is an FAA-approved FAR Part 141 flight training center. Founded in 2006, we are known as the premier flight school in Southwest Florida because we provide excellent instructors, the most advanced aircraft available and the best training systems in the world.

Fort Myers Flight LessonsWe offer a Part 141-approved curriculum for primary, instrument, and commercial training, or students may opt to follow a personalized FAR Part 61 training program.

A private pilot certificate enables you to fly for pleasure or business, day or night, with any number of passengers. While you cannot carry passengers or cargo for compensation, the FAA allows you to share operating expenses with your passengers, such as fuel, oil, airport expenditures, and rental fees. You can fly anywhere in the U.S. and foreign countries (if you meet their regulations), provided you stay healthy and maintain the requirements to keep your certificate active.

Once you have your private pilot certificate, you can take advantage of more advanced training to add ratings, including instrument, multi-engine and commercial ratings.

An instrument rating, for example, will permit you to fly in reduced visibility conditions. A multi-engine rating allows you to command an aircraft with more than one engine. This will give you a wealth of opportunities, from sightseeing and vacationing with family and friends, to aerobatics, to flying a collection of antique and vintage aircraft, to becoming a commercial airline pilot or a certified flight instructor. 

Paragon Flight is also proud to be the premier authorized Cirrus Training Center (CTC) in Southwest Florida. Cirrus aircraft are known around the world for their high-quality standards, impeccable safety record and dedication to giving an amazing customer service experience. If your goal is to someday own your own airplane, this may be the best option for you.

No matter what type of flight training you have in mind, Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, Florida, can arrange it for you. We guarantee you will meet your goal of becoming a pilot. Contact us today at (239) 274-3170 to get started!