Fort Myers Flight School Reviews

In addition to reading reviews, there are a variety of ways to find out if a Fort Myers flight school like Paragon Flight can meet your needs.

Fort Myers Flight School ReviewsParagon Flight is a premier FAA-Approved Flight Training Center, which means that we are periodically audited by the FAA, required to have FAA-approved curricula and to meet the FAA’s student performance rates. Our mission is to provide the very best flight training so that you will feel safe and confident in the air.

Whether you’re looking for a fast-paced two-week program or a two-month program, we provide the best flight training available anywhere in the country. We tailor our curriculum to suit the needs of our U.S. and international students to make the experience both fun and affordable.

Finding the Right Flight School

Here are some tips on how to select the best flight school. In the case of flight instructors, your life will depend on what your flight instructor teaches you, so you’ll want the best one you can get!

Tour the School

  • How does their training program evaluate your progress? Do they perform progressive flight-checks?
  • How many students is each instructor responsible for? (The number should be no more than five full-time or 10 part-time students.)
  • How, and by whom, are flying lessons scheduled?
  • How many training aircraft are available?
  • How are the training aircraft maintained?
  • How are lessons rescheduled if poor weather or a maintenance problem causes a cancellation?
  • As a student pilot, what kind of insurance will you have?

Talk to the Flight Instructors

  • Ask questions about their training and experience.
  • Talk to other students at the flight school and ask their opinions about the instructors.
  • Look for a certificated flight instructor (CFI).
  • Make sure the instrument instructor has an instrument instructor rating (CFII).
  • Take an introductory flying lesson to get acquainted with the instructor.
  • Look for an instructor who demands perfection but has a personality that fits yours.

Ask About Ground School

Ground school can be an instructor teaching a scheduled class or a self-paced, home-study video program and/or computer software, or some combination of the two. Some students need the discipline of the classroom, so you will have to decide which method would be best for you.

Are you ready to get airborne? Don’t rely only on reviews to decide if a flight school in Fort Myers is right for you. Ask questions about everything. Call Paragon Flight at (239) 274-3170 today for a free consultation to design your pilot training program.