Fort Myers Flight Training

If your dream is to become a licensed pilot, consider flight training in Fort Myers, Florida, at Paragon Flight.

Paragon Flight has a track record of success as one of the top flight schools in Florida, and we offer flying lessons in Fort Myers for beginning and experienced pilots.

Fort Myers Flight TrainingWe can completely customize the best training program for you, whether or not you’ve had previous pilot training. Choose your aircraft and we will build a convenient training schedule that suits your timetable, lifestyle and goals.

Flight lessons at Paragon Flight are taught in meticulously maintained training aircraft by instructors who have real-life experience as airline pilots. Our outstanding instructors, combined with an excellent computer-based curriculum, will help you earn your wings about 30% faster than the national average.

Students train in the world’s greatest aircraft – Cessna’s forgiving and reliable single-engine Skyhawk 172. The Cessna 172 makes learning to fly easier primarily because it has lower takeoff and landing speeds and is very forgiving. It’s constructed from high-tech lightweight composite material to make it fuel efficient and cost-effective. Other single-engine training aircraft include the Cessna Stationair C206H (the bigger brother to the 126).

We have teamed up with Jeppesen, creators of the best training systems and materials in the world to provide the pilot training you would expect from an award-winning flight school. Jeppesen’s professionally developed products, services and software are considered to be the best aviation training available anywhere. Jeppesen approves very few flight schools to offer its curricula, and Paragon is pleased to be one of them.

An added benefit to learning to fly in Fort Myers is the wonderful flying weather. With an average of 350 “aviation perfect” flying days every year, Paragon Flight gives you more time in the air. The great climate means your private or commercial pilot training can be completed more quickly than at flight schools in other parts of the country.

At Paragon Flight, our goal is to surpass all of your expectations for flight training in Fort Myers and to provide unparalleled customer service. From our flawlessly maintained training aircraft to our strict instructor requirements to our beautiful year-round weather, we know you will leave us as a confident and well-trained pilot. Call us today at (239) 274-3170 to get started!