How Do I Become a Multi Engine Pilot?

Pilots who are ready for the next phase of growth in aviation may be wondering, “How do I become a multi-engine pilot?” The answer to this question is straightforwardly answered with the corresponding program here at Paragon Flight. We offer an individualized approach with the best instructors, planes, and weather in the industry.

 The Multi-Engine Training Course at Paragon Flight – What to Expect:

  • How Do I Become a Multi Engine Pilot?Checkride with no written test
  • Checkride measures verbal and practical skill in a multi-engine aircraft
  • Checkride administered by an FAA-authorized evaluator
  • Week-long course (13 hours or 15 hours for those who need more in-flight practice)
    • 5 hours in the air
    • 5 hours in the classroom
    • 5 hour checkride
  • Ground training criteria focus on aircraft systems, aircraft performance, aircraft limitations, and responses to emergency situations.
  • In-flight training criteria involves practicing and perfecting flight maneuvers, operating with one engine, and precise operations of the aircraft.
  • Multi-engine students learn in a 2019 Piper PA-44 Seminole, considered the best for multi-engine training.
  • Qualifications for the program include:
    • US citizenship or TSA-approval for foreign pilots
    • Current FAA medical approval
    • Existing private or commercial pilot certificate

Paragon Flight – Superiority Where It Counts

Paragon Flight serves its student-pilots with dedication and best practices honed over years of experience. This level of training has earned us accolades in several areas. Recognition by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) is not easily earned, but we have done so year after year.

Paragon Flight operates under the authority of the FAA under Parts 61 and 141. This dual authority allows us to provide the strict adherence to curriculum and full-time scheduling some students need, and the GI bill requires, of the Part 141 guidance as well as the flexible pacing and content enabled by Part 61 authority. When pilots lack freedom from obligations and responsibilities that enable full-time study, we can accommodate those needs with an accelerated program of study.

Located in Southwest Florida, in beautiful Fort Myers at Page Field, Paragon Flight is near many cities with a variety of accommodations, practice airfields, and attractions. The weather here is conducive to time spent in the air with ready-for-takeoff conditions more than 300 days each year.

The instructors at Paragon Flight are Certified-Flight Instructors (CFIs) – well-trained, experienced, and committed. We demand the best and promise individualized training with a CFI who is ready and willing to go the extra mile for your flight training experience.

Paragon Flight’s fleet of aircraft includes the ideal vehicle for multi-engine training: the Piper PA-44 Seminole. It’s proven itself to be safe and predictable in the sky, and we outfit all of our fleet with upgraded technology that reaches the level of Technically Advanced Aircraft classifications. Your training will be safe and easily transferred to the planes you’ll fly in the future.

By choosing Paragon Flight, pilots choose value, experience, and quality. Wherever you fall on the journey of pilot education, we invite you to come for a personalized approach to your flight training – including multi-engine instruction and practice, private or commercial pilot training, instrument training, Certified Instructor training, and more.

The question posed: How do I become a multi-engine pilot? The answer: Paragon Flight. Call (239) 274-3170 to plan your course, discuss financing, or explore all course offerings.