How Long Does Multi-Engine Rating Take?

Without a specific timeline, a goal is nothing more than a dream. This fact often leaves pilots wondering, “How long does multi-engine rating training take?” Paragon Flight’s answer to this question is to give us a week. In a few short days, you’ll be ready to pilot a faster, more powerful plane with two engines rather than one.

Who Can Pursue a Multi-Engine Rating?

How Long Does Multi-Engine Rating Take?Existing private or commercial pilots can take part in our program. To do so, they’ll need a current FAA medical approval along with proof of US citizenship/TSA-authorization for foreign pilots. Our program is primarily focused on commercial pilots since the multi-engine rating is part of advancement in aviation careers.

The Components of Our Multi-Engine Rating Add-On Endorsement Program

Breakdown of the Training

  • 5 hours of instruction
  • 5 hours in the air
  • 5 hour checkride

This 13-hour course can be modified into a 15-hour course should pilots need more practice for a flat fee.

Pilots who complete our course will be thoroughly prepared to take and pass the checkride, a measurement administered by an FAA-authorized evaluator. This checkride will not have a written knowledge component, but pilots must demonstrate proficiency verbally and in-flight. After successfully completing this checkride, pilots will have the multi-engine rating added to their pilot certificates.

The Aircraft

When pilots train with Paragon Flight for a multi-engine rating, their time in the sky will be in a Piper PA-44 Seminole, the standard in training for multi-engine flight. This airplane, as well as our other fleet members, is a Technically Advanced Aircraft with updated features and technology. These factors help our pilots transfer what they learn to future endeavors.

The Structure

Paragon Flight is authorized under FAR Part 61 and Part 141. Part 141 programs are very strictly structured with curriculum that must be followed to a T, with a full-time classroom schedule. Our multi-engine program is a Part 61 program, so we can provide a more flexible experience for those with limited schedules and diverse learning styles.

The Location

We’re located at Page Field in Fort Myers, Florida. This location is close to several metropolises and offers friendly-for-flying weather more than 300 days per year.

The Instructors

The Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) here at Paragon Flight are able to prepare pilots at any level of skill or experience. You’ll appreciate the dedication and individualized approach to flight training experienced in our multi-engine rating program.

Award-Winning Flight School

Paragon Flight has the ideal balance of Certified Flight Instructors, fleet of aircraft, location, and best practices to create successful, prepared pilots. Because of our diligent commitment to improvement, we’ve been recognized for our superior performance by the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) many times over the years.

Applying for Flight School Financing

We recognize that you’ll likely need to finance your flight school experience, so we provide help finding the right lending product for you. We even offer a query page on our website to give you a leg up on looking for the best loan available. We’re quite familiar with the most common situations and will be happy to help as you make plans.

Pilots who are considering moving on to the next step in their aviation careers might wonder how long does multi-engine rating training take. The answer to this query is 13 intense, fun, and successful hours at Paragon Flight.