How Long is Airline Pilot Training?

Strong spatial intelligence and affinity for travel make a position as an airline pilot an appropriate ambition, but you may have concerns over how long the training is. If you do, Paragon Flight is here to provide speedier programs without sacrificing quality.

How Long is Airline Pilot Training?The bespoke training programs created for Paragon Flight student-pilots provide the fastest, cheapest, and most effective path to seats in the cockpit. We also provide a stellar fleet of training aircraft, experienced, quality instructors, and proven curriculum.

In your quest to become an airline pilot, you can choose to attend a university for an aviation Bachelor’s Degree, or you can attend a premiere flight school like Paragon Flight.

If you decide to go the university route, you may choose a degree in airport management, aviation management, aeronautical engineering, or aeronautical science among others.

A flight school like Paragon Flight provides a much more flexible and inexpensive solution to your ambition. We are authorized under FAA FAR Parts 61 and 141, so we can meet the needs of both a working, family person as well as an international or full-time student.

Calculating how long it will take you to become an airline pilot can be difficult. The credential requires that pilots log at least 1,500 hours of flight time, so the more time the pilot has to spend in the air, the sooner the process will be complete. Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, FL, offers 350 days of ideal flying weather to facilitate logging those hours.

The Process of Earning a Post as an Airline Pilot

Private Pilot Certificate – One of the courses that we offer at Paragon Flight, earning a private pilot license is the first step toward earning your wings. This program focuses on the fundamentals, culminates in a written test and an FAA exam, and focuses on single-engine aircraft.

Instrument Flight Rating – This rating will allow flight in various weather conditions and use the aircraft’s instruments for navigation. A written test as well as 40 additional flight hours is required.

Commercial Pilot Certificate – Without a commercial pilot license, no pilot can be paid for flight services. This program will focus on procedures and aircraft handling. At this point, career pilots may begin to diverge into various paths, earning the required credentials for the post.

Certified Flight Instructor – Becoming a Certified Flight Instructor is a great way to do what you love for a living while you log the hours you’ll need to be hired by an airline.

Multi-Engine Rating – Flying an aircraft with more than one engine requires this rating. Clearly, since airliners are all multi-engine jets and airbuses, you must earn this rating as you progress toward your goal.

Flight Experience – You must log 1,500 hours of flight time before filling out your first application with an airline.

Airline Transport Certificate – This certificate is the maximum given by the FAA and required for airline pilots.

Jet Ratings – Airline pilots fly various jets, and each requires a rating approval for the particular jet that they command. This training is usually performed with simulators.

As you can see, how long airline pilot training is depends on the individual pilot in question. Paragon Flight allows you to progress at your own pace. To learn more about the scheduling, programs, financing, and other questions, call us at (239) 747-0056. We’re eager to help our students as they are.