How to Get Money for Flight School

Do you dream of becoming a pilot but aren’t sure how to get money for flight school? Paragon Flight’s team of experts provides a wealth of expertise and experience you can leverage. We understand the processes of securing various financial opportunities and have many contacts for which we can provide connections.

Opportunities for Financing Flight School

How to Get Money for Flight SchoolIdentifying and securing the right financing for flight school can be overwhelming. Partner with the crew at Paragon Flight to overcome obstacles in your path, find the right financial solutions, and make it possible to reach your aviation goals.

The range of financial opportunities includes all of the following:

  • Aviation scholarships
  • GI benefits
  • Traditional subsidized and unsubsidized student loans
  • Grants
  • Personal lending sources.

We prioritize helping our pilot candidates navigate the maze of aviation financing because everyone with a passion for flight deserves the opportunity to pursue it.

About Paragon Flight

The customer service we offer for our student pilots is without comparison, and it’s one of the critical factors in our provision of flight training. Other priorities include those related to safety and sufficiency. When students come to Paragon Flight for flight training, every dollar is accounted for, and every training day is worthwhile. We operate efficiently and provide as much one-on-one training as is needed for a pilot to achieve readiness.

Founded in 2006, Paragon Flight is a well-heeled flight school with three locations. We function under the FAA Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) as outlined in Parts 61 and 141. This duality allows us to train students with flexible courses that meet their schedule and learning needs, as well as rigidly prescribed courses that satisfy the requirements of international students and those with traditional student loans or GI funds as financial resources.

At Paragon Flight Schools, students learn in conditions ideal for achieving flight time and logging the required hours for various positions. We provide a wide range of training and offer the perfect environment, aircraft, curriculum, and flight instructors.

Our fleet consists of the Piper PA28 “Pilot” for single-engine training, the PA-44 Seminole for multi-engine training, the Cirrus SR20 for primary flight instruction, transition and differences training, high-performance endorsements, and aircraft rental, and the ALSIM AL172 flight simulator for incredibly realistic simulated training.

Flight training opportunities here at Paragon Flight include:


  • Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • Instrument Flight Rating (IFR)
  • Multi-Engine License (MEL)
  • Cirrus Certified Aircraft Training
  • Glass Cockpit Training


  • Commercial Pilot License, Single Engine (CSEL)
  • Commercial Pilot License, Multi-Engine (CMEL)
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/CFII/MEI)


  • Initial Flight Orientation (IFO)
  • Single Engine Recurrent Training (SERT)
  • Rotary Wing to Fixed Wing Transition Training
  • Aircraft Transition and Differences Training

As you can see, no matter where you are in your aviation journey, we can provide the training you need for your next step. If you’re ready to create a custom program to help you fulfill your goals quickly and affordably, reach out to Paragon Flight.

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